Saturday 24, Oct 2020
* Appeared in the series
* Toy form only
* Has Japanese counterpart
* Only one appeared in the series
* Another version
* Repaint

* [3101-3105, 3112, 3114] 5-inch Lightstar Power Rangers and Evil Space Aliens poseable figures - each Ranger comes with his/her power weapon and their helmets lighted up. Also available where Ecliptor (came with a cape because his counterpart Yugande wore on in the beginning of Megaranger) and the Craterites. The Craterite also included Megaranger villian Bibidibi.

* [3121-3123] 5-inch action Zords - small blister packaged Zords with micro playset-like features.

* [3251 -3253] "Standard" Zord assortment - medium-sized boxed Zords with action features. Astro Megazord, Astro Megaship, and Astro Delta Megazord
* *[3141 -3145] Galaxy Gliders - each boxed with a Glider which can be pulled back and released for racing action.

* *[3136] Astro Morpher - wrist worn role playing toy.
* *[3133] Astro Blaster - life size weapon has flashing lights and sounds.
* *[3135] Quadroblaster - four Power Weapons combine into one large blaster.

* *[3185] Deluxe Delta Megazord - space ship transforms into robot. Combines with Deluxe Astro Megazord.
* *[3132] Deluxe Astro Megazord - space craft and shuttle combine into a robot.

* Astro Galaxy Navigator

Unreleased Toys

* *[3134] Spiral Saber - battery operated spinning drill action. Features a fork tipped attachment. Deemed 'too dangerous' for children in the United States.
[3255] Grip Fighters - electronic toy for simulating your own battles.