Saturday 24, Oct 2020
* Appeared in the series
* Toy form only
* Has Japanese counterpart
* Only one appeared in the series
* Another version

* [3261 - 3263, 3266] 5 1/2 inch Mega Launching Power Rangers - four Rangers with squeeze activated weapon launching action.

* [3211-3216] 5-inch Astro Power Rangers - six Rangers, each with a firing weapon. Some came with bonus figures.

* [3161-3166] Deluxe Galaxy Cycles - each cycle includes a four inch Ranger figure. Cycle transforms into a Galaxy Glider.

* [3124, 3126] 5-inch Action Zords - Mega Winger and Delta Megazord, each comes with accessories and a micro-figure, and have firing weapons.

* [3221-3223, 3226] Battlized Power Rangers - Red, Blue, Black and Silver Rangers, with snap on weapons and accessories. The first of the series.
* [3151-3155] Astro Armor Rangers -8-inch Rangers with removable color torso armor.

* *[3186] Deluxe Mega Voyager - four vehicles and one robot combine into a Megazord - Mega V1, V2, V3, V4, and V5.
* *[3270] Mega Winger - Silver Ranger's Zord can transform from shuttle to robot. Includes exclusive 8-inch talking Silver Ranger figure.

* *[3272] Super Silverizer - Silver Ranger's weapon, with flip out blade.
* [3275-3278] Galactic Rovers - each includes four-inch Ranger figure. There was also a red, blue and black one.

* [3191-3192] Deluxe Micro Playsets - Mega Voyager and Astro Delta Megazord. Includes accessories, figures, and multiple transformations.
* *[3138] Morpher Assortment - Digimorpher, Astro Morpher, and Battlizer. Each has electronic lights and sounds.

* [3181] Jumbo Megazord Assortment - 18-inch Mega Voyager and Astro Megazord, each can transform. Mega Voyager was never released.
* 8-inch Talking Rangers - Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, and Pink Rangers- each one says a different phrase.

* [3281-3286] 4" Lunar Power Rangers - Each ranger looked like Robo Voyager and has two regular ranger weapons.
* [3274] Deluxe Silver Titanus Carrierzord

* [3200] Digizords - Blue, Red, and White (not pictured) Astro Megazords with digital games.

* [3291-3293] Heroes of Space - Power Ranger figure packaged with a real astronaut figure. Red Ranger with Commander Charles Conrad Jr., Blue Ranger with Lunar Module Pilot Charles Duke, Black Ranger with Lunar Module Pilot Alan Bean

Not pictured:
  • [1036-1038] 5" Space Rangers with Trading Cards - Red and Blue Space Ranger and Astro Megazord.