* Appeared in the series
* Toy form only
* Has Japanese counterpart
* Only one appears in the series
* Another version
* Repaint/Repackaged
Armored Figures


[30001-30007] 5" Sound Fury Rangers - * Yellow Cheetah Ranger, * Blue Jaguar Ranger, * Red Tiger Ranger, * Elephant Ranger, * Bat Ranger, * Shark Ranger, and * Dai Shi (Packaged as "Evil Space Alien"). Yellow Ranger comes with orange robot and no sound effect. Dai Shi's sword has Chameleon styling and press its buckle for its lion chest mouth to move. The others come with Shock Sensor to activate sound. Accessories link together to form an ultimate weapon!

*[30091-30093] 11" Mega Power Rangers - Tiger, Jaguar, and Shark Power Rangers with three different interchangable masks.

*[30041-30043] Micro Animal Zords - Three different animals become Megazord in each set. Set A: Tiger, Jaguar, and Cheetah; Set B: Shark, Bat, and Elephant; Set C: Lion, Puma, and Leopard

Armored Figures

*[30031-30033] 6.5" Deluxe Animorphin Power Rangers - Tiger, Jaguar, and Elephant Rangers with weapons and transform into their respective animals.

*[30021-30024] Animalized Power Rangers - Tiger, Jaguar, Elephant and Shark Rangers with armor and weapons.


* *[30106] Tiger Battle Claws - Glove attachments with motion activated sound and tiger flame attachments.

* [30101] Solar Mopher - Attach eye sheild to face to activate different sounds, three in one package.
[94561-94562] Red Tiger Hand Gear - Attach to your wrist, release up to four projectiles. Also in Blue.


*[94566] Soft Jungle Tonfa Bo Staff and Soft Jungle Fury Nunchunk - Soft attack foam versions of the Power Ranger's hand-held weapons.


* [30051-30053] Fury Cycles/Strike Riders - 5" Red Tiger, Blue Jaguar, and Green Elephant Rangers with cycles. Ranger can be put in animal head and pointed up to make Bite Mode and pointed forward is Attack Mode. Also comes with shooting projectile. Two of the cycles can also double as arms for Beast Master Megazord.

*[30061-30062] Thunder Roar Vehicle - Red Thunder Roar Vehicle comes with Tiger Ranger and Blue Thunder Roar Vehicle comes with Bat Ranger.

* Red Quadra Striker -
Red Tiger Ranger comes included with this vehicle. The vehicle is a repaint of the Blue S.P.D. Delta Morph ATV.

*[94546] Jungle Master R/C Cycle - Red Ranger and 27 mhz Radio Controlled cycle.

*Jungle Conquer Set - Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, Red Fury Cycle, Blue Fury Cycle and Dai Shi figure.


* *[30086] Deluxe Jungle Pride Megazord - Yellow Cheetah, Blue Jaguar, and Red Tiger form the Jungle Pride Megazord, arms have spinning action and so do the legs. Transforming Jungle Pride Megazord also available.

*[30076] Transforming Beast Master Megazord - Five zords (Indigo Bat, White Puma, Black Leopard, Sea Blue Shark, and Green Elephant) combine to become one. The Fury Cycles can also become the arms.


* [94551] Red Tiger Training Set - Red Ranger mask, smock, numchucks, mask weapon attachment and badge.

* [94571] Jungle Master Adventure Set - Figurines of Red Tiger Ranger, Blue Jaguar Ranger, Yellow Cheetah Ranger, Melle, Jungle Pride Megazord, a Rinshi, Tiger gate, and vehicle. All original products in the set. Recently, there have been re-painted or re-packaged figures from previous series.

* [94572] Wild Jungle Adventure Set - Figurines of Red Tiger Ranger, Bat Ranger, Shark Ranger, Elephant Ranger, Dai Shi, Camille, Jungle Pride Megazord Elephant mode, Elephant gate, and vehicle.