* Appeared in the series
* Toy form only
* Has Japanese counterpart
* Only one appears in the series
* Another version
* Repaint/Repackaged
* Chaser Figures
Armored Figures


*5" Jungle Master Rangers - Jungle Master Cheetah Ranger, Jaguar Ranger, Tiger Ranger, Jungle master Wolf Ranger, Rhino Ranger, Elephant Ranger, Bat Ranger, and Shark Ranger. They each come with a key with their animal craved on it and when place in the slot, provide sound.

*Micro Animal Zords - Interchange parts from the Jungle Pride Megazord, Jungle Master Megazord, and Rhino Steel Megazord with the Rhino and Chameleon.


Armored Figures

*6.5" Deluxe Animorphin Power Rangers - Wolf and Rhino Rangers with weapons and transform into their respective animals. Gazelle and Gorilla Rangers are the Jaguar and Tiger Rangers with armor and weapons of their power-up animals.

*Beast Morphin' Power Rangers - Jaguar, Wolf, and Tiger Rangers with armor that becomes a zord.

Battle Gear Power Rangers - Tiger Ranger with Jungle Pride Megazord snap-on armor, Jaguar Ranger with Jungle Pride Megazord with Shark power gear and Elephant Ranger with Jungle Pride Megazord with Elephant power gear.

* Deluxe Animorphin Jungle Master Power Rangers - Shark and Bat Rangers transform into zords, not in the show.



* * Claw Cannon Air Blaster - Role-Play as a Power Ranger in defeating evil with lights and sound action. This is a completely different mold than the original Japanese product.

* * Jungle Master Battle Claw - Slash evil with hand-held claw with added-on attachment.

* * Rhino Ranger Morpher - Rhino Ranger's weapon used to call the Rhino Steel Megazord with hostler. Added attachment than Japanese counterpart, which comes with the zord. In the show, this is called the Control Dagger.

* * Rhino Blade - Rhino Ranger's hand-held blade weapon.

Mega Mission Helmet - Journey on fifty missions with the roleplay item that includes lights and built-in sounds.


* Battle Bikes - 5" Ranger with cycle. Cycle transform into larger mechincal beast. Tiger, Rhino, Bat, Wolf and Jaguar (not pictured) avaliable.

* BattleCruisers - Each vehicle comes with Ranger figure. The Jungle Master Battlecruiser comes with Red Ranger and has Gorilla, Antelope, and Penguin. The Violet Ranger's Jungle Predator Battlecruiser is based on the Rhino, Wolf, and Shark.

* * Jungle Fury Mobile Warrior Set - Strike Rider Red Ranger with repackaged Mystic Force vehicle.

* * Red ATV with Battle Rangers - Strike Rider Red Ranger and Blue Ranger with repackaged vehicle from past series.

* * Deluxe Thunder Vehicle Set - A blue Striker rider and Thunder vehicle along with repainted Red Ranger, Blue Ranger and Bat Ranger.


* * Transforming Rhino Steel Megazord - The Rhino Steel Megazord transforms into the Rhino Steel Zord.

* * * Transforming Battle Megazord - Four different beasts in one package, Lion, Chameleon, Wolf, and a re-painted Jaguar. The Lion and Chameleon can join with the Transforming Jungle Pride Megazord's Tiger, Jaguar and Cheetah. The Wolf can join with the Jaguar and Tiger to make the Wolf Pride Megazord. The extra animal can also make a leg to join in the fun! The five zords can not transform together without the Tiger zord of the Jungle Pride Megazord. In Japan, Wolf was sold seperately, Lion and Chameleon were sold together.

* * * Transforming Fury Megazord Set - Seven Zords from the three 'Transforming Line' packages included in one package: Lion, Chameleon, Elephant, Shark, Tiger, Jaguar, Cheetah, Bat, and Wolf.


* Jungle Fury Mission Set - Cheetah Ranger, Wolf Ranger (no key hole in back), Tiger Ranger, Rhino Ranger (no key hole in back), and Jaguar Ranger repackaged in Disney Store Exclusive.

* Jungle Fury Mega Set - Master Jaguar Ranger (no key hole in back), Master Tiger Ranger (no key hole in back), Master Cheetah Ranger (no key hole in back), and Wolf Ranger (no key hole in back).

* * Battle Fury Adventure Set - Fury Cycle, Master Red, Blue, Yellow Rangers, Shark and Bat Rangers, Jungle Master Megazord and a tiger gate (not official name).

* * Jungle Battle Adventure Set - Dai Shi, Wolf Ranger, Rhino Ranger, Elephant ranger, Master Red Ranger, Rhino Steel Megazord, elephant gate (not official name), and a unidentified bird creature.

* * Mirco Jungle Megazord Set - The Mirco Animal Zords repackaged all together: Tiger, Jaguar, Cheetah, Penguin, Antelope, Gorilla, and Rhino.

* Jungle Master Rhino Ranger Training Set - Rhino Ranger mask, smock and grey plastic Rhino Blade.