* Appeared in the series
* Only Toy, not in show
* Another version
* Repaint/Repackaged


*[35101-35115] 4" Articulated Figures - Red, Pink, Yellow, Blue and Black Ranger figures come with weapons that combine. They come with a card that can be scanned with a special ap on your parent or your own phone for a short clip. Vrax, Loogies and Robo Knight also come with trading cards and weapons. The six Power Rangers also came in Metallic form. Vrak and Loogie had a limited release, some appeared in CVS Pharamacy and Target.

* [35144-35147] Battle Morphin Power Rangers - Red, Blue and Black Power Rangers and Robo Knight come with weapon swinging action.

* [35175] Armored Might Figures - Red, Blue and Black Power Rangers come with armor to go into Ultra mode. Comes with weapons and armor.

*[35175] Mini Battle Ready Figures Series 1 - Megaforce Yellow, Red, Blue, Black, Pink Ranger and Robo Knight. Secret figures are Translucent Red, Translucent Robo Knight, Mighty Morphin Red, Mighty Morphin Pink, Mighty Morphin Green and Lord Zedd. Blind Packs, comes with one card.


* [35001] Deluxe Gosei Morpher - The Megaforce Rangers' transformation device that uses cards. It comes with 10 cards and 180 phrases.

* [35036] Power Ranger Blaster - Comes with a Dragon Mechazord head and sound. This is the Rangers' common firearm. Other zords can be attached to it, they are not included. Comes with two cards.

* [35036] Snake Ax, Tiger Claw and Shark Bowngun Battle Set - Black Ranger's Snake Ax, Yellow Ranger's Tiger Claw and Blue Ranger's Shark Bowgun merge and can hold three cards which are included.

* [35046] Dragon Sword and Phoenix Shot Battle Set - Red Ranger's Dragon Sword comes with sound when a card is inserted in it and merges with the Pink Ranger's petite Phoenix Shot. Comes with two cards.

* [35039] Robo Morpher -
Robo Knight's personal morpher comes with a card.

* * [35021] Robo Knight Mask - Role-play as the mysterious sixth member of the Megaforce team!
* * [35016] Red Ranger Mask - Roleplay as the leader of the Megaforce Rangers!


* * [35081-35083] Zord Vehicles With Figures - Sky Brothers Zord Vehicle and Red Ranger, Sea Brothers Zord Vehicle and Blue Ranger, and Land Brothers Zord Vehicle and Black Ranger sets. Three zords in each pack can combine with the Gosei Great Megazord. Each pack comes with two cards.

* * [35071-35073] Cycles with Figures - Sky Lion Red Ranger Cycle, Sea Lion Black Ranger Cycle and Sea Lion Blue Ranger Cycle. Each cycle comes with a zord that fits with the Lion Mechazord to make the Gosei Grand Megazord. Blue Ranger comes with the Ultra Change Zord to make the Ultra Gosei Great Megazord. Each come with two cards.

* [88590] Morphin Vehicles - Dragon, Shark, Snake and Robo Knight Morphin Vehicles transform from Ranger to vehicle. Part of the vehicle is a weapon to the Ranger.


*[35096] Gosei Great Megazord - Five Mechazords (Dragon, Phoenix, Tiger, Snake and Shark) come together to form the Gosei Great Megazord. Comes with two Power Cards.

* [35091] Lion Mechazord and Robo Knight Power Ranger - Robo Knight figures comes with his Lion Mechazord. Includes two Power Cards. It can combine with the Knight Brothers Zords (Sky Lion and Sea Lion) to become the Gosei Grand Megazord.


* [35051] Red Ranger Training Set - Red Ranger Mask, buckle, Ranger Blaster and Gosei Morpher.

* [35052] Robo Knight Power Ranger Training Set - Robo Knight mask, Robo Sword, Buckle and cards.

*Power Rangers Pack - Red, Pink, Blue, Black, and Yellow Rangers with Robo Knight 4 inch figures in one set.