* Appeared in the series
* Only Toy, not in show
* Another version
* Repaint/Repackaged


*[35204-35208] 4" Articulated Metallic Force Figures - Red, Pink, Yellow, Blue and Black Ranger figures come with weapons and five trading cards. They were to come in normal form but they were never released.

[35115, 35127-35202] 4" Metallic Figures - Mighty Morphin Red Ranger, Mighty Morphin White Ranger, and Putty. Each comes with a card and weapons. Alpha 5 and Metallic Force Lost Galaxy Red Ranger have yet to be released.

* [35242] Mini Battle Ready Figures Series 2 - Megaforce Red, Blue, and Black Rangers, Robo Knight, Gosei Great Megazord, Gosei Grand Megazord, Mighty Morphin Yellow, Green and Blue Ranger and Alpha 5. Also translucent Megaforce Red and Blue. Each come with a card. This had a limited release.

* [35191-35192] 10" Deluxe Figures - Megaforce Red and Robo Knight come with weapons.

*[35181-35184] Armored Might Figures - Mighty Morphin White, Megaforce Blue and Robo Knight full articulated, comes with armor.


* [35066] Deluxe Ultra Dragon Sword - Comes with a place to put a card and removable zord on top.

* [35040] Leon Laser Blaster - Robo Knight's laser becomes sword.

* [35041] Ultimate Blaster - Ultra Red Ranger's Ultra Dragon Zord with blaster.

* [35042] Ultra Dragon Sword -
Regular version of the Ultra Dragon Sword.

* [35048] Ultra Dragon Chest Armor -
Role play for child's torso as the Red Ranger's Ultra Mode.

* * [35022] Blue Ranger Mask - Role-play as the Megaforce team! Gosei Great also available. * * [35023] Black Ranger Mask - Roleplay as the one of the Megaforce Rangers!




* * [35092, 35084-35085] Deluxe Zord Vehicles With Figures - Gosei Jet with Red Ranger (limited release), Ultra Red and Ultra Blue Ranger Zord Vehicles. The five zords (Dolphin, Elephant, Beetle, Aligator and Condor) combine to become Gosei Jet Megazord.

* * [35074-35075] Zord Cycles with Figures - Ultra Red Ranger Dragon Cycle and Robo Knight Lion Cycle.


* [35087] Gosei Ultimate Megazord - Transforms from command ship to Megazord.


* [35055] Red Ranger Training Gear - Red Ranger Mask, buckle, cards and Gosei Morpher.

* [35056] Blue Ranger Training Gear - Blue Ranger Mask, buckle, cards and Gosei Morpher.

* [96686] Deluxe Training Set - Red Ranger Mask, Blaster, buckle, cards and Gosei Morpher. Toys R Us Exclusive

*[96682] Ultra ActionPack - Red, Pink, Blue, Black, and Yellow Rangers with Vrak 4 inch figures in one set. Toys R Us Exclusive