* Appeared in the series
* Toy form only
* Has Japanese counterpart
* Only one appears in the series
* Another version
* Repaint/Repackaged
Armored Figures


* [25001-25005, 25007] Mystic Light Power Rangers - Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Pink. Each Ranger comes with their morpher, Magi Staff and their shield with their symbol lights up. The Hidiac is referred to as 'Evil Space Alien', a default name Bandai America places to a villian when the name has not been turned in yet. Does not necessarily mean the villian is a space alien. The figure comes with removable mask that shows guts.

* *[25081-25083] Mega Talking Power Rangers - The Japanese counterparts don't talk. In Red, Green, and Yellow only.

Armored Figures

*[25021-25023] Legendary Battlized Power Rangers - Power Rangers transforms into their zord with armor. The ranger head flips back and a zord head is added. The zord (Minotaur, Phoenix, and Thunderbird) then turns into animal mode. Red, Green and Yellow.

* [25031-25033] 7" inch Dragon Morphin Power Rangers - Green Minotaurus Dragon, Red Fury Dragon, and Yellow Thunder Dragon. Power Rangers with armor that can also become a dragon firend.


* *[25106] Magi Staff - Turns into Saber, Axe, or Crossbow, only comes with Red, Yellow, and Green Ranger's symbols.

* *[25101] Mystic Morpher - Phone morpher that changes into a wand with special codes!
Mystic Morpher Fury Edition - Assumed to be used to transform to Fury Dragon Battlizer.

*[91476] Red Power Ranger Mystic Saber - Soft Attack saber-mode MagiStaff.

* *[91477] Green Power Ranger Mystic Saber - Repainted green but with Red Ranger symbol.

* Titan Saber - Used by the Titan Megazord can be used as two weapons. (The individual weapons do not actually look like this on the show)


* *[25041, 25043] Flame Cycle / Mystic Speeder - Red and Yellow motorcycles. Renamed Mystic Speeders. Green is also available, not pictured.

* *[25042] Mystic Rider / Racer - Green Ranger's rocket broom vehicle. Has spinning action. Renamed Mystic Racer as in the show. Red is so available, not pictured. In Japan, other colors were avaliable and did not have missile action.

* [25051] Mystic Tracker - Red Ranger ATV and comes with firing missiles. * [25052] Dragon Tracker - Green Ranger ATV, comes with claws and firing missiles.

* [95056] Mighty Dragon Mobile - Translucent red vehicle with Red Power Ranger and missile firing action.


* *[25071] 11" Titan Megazord - Five Zords (Minotaur, Phoenix, Mermaid, Garuda, and Sprite) and three ways to play. Four of them become a Dragon Mode and then to Megazord mode.


* *[91466-91467] Power Ranger Training Set - Comes with mask, cape, badge, Magi Staff, and exclusive ranger-color Mystic Morpher. Available in Red and Green. in Japan, the 'morpher' [MagiPhone] was only repainted to purple [Wolzaphone] and white [Mother-version]. Ranger-colored Morphers also avaliable in Electronic Hand Gear. These morphers are smaller than the regular morpher.

* [91221] Power Rangers Adventure Set - Red & Green Rangers, five zords, Hidiacs, Morticon and platform with evil master's eye. Megazord sword and 'taurus axe'. The five zords morphed on Megazord and are based on the Japanese Candy/Handy toys that are miniature.

Only Available in Japan:
Wolf Knight Sword and Shield
Pink, Blue and Yellow Mystic Racers
Mystic Fighters
Wolf Centaurus Megazord