* Appeared in the series
* Toy form only
* Has Japanese counterpart
* Only one appears in the series
* Another version
* Repaint/Repackaged
* Unannounced in plans
Armored Figures



* [25012-25016, 25066] Mystic Sound Power Rangers - Legendary Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Pink. Each Ranger comes with their weapon and their civilian head (actual actor's faces) to replace the helmet. The male rangers say show phrases while the females produce sound when the belt buckle is pressed. Each ranger also carry a piece to create a special weapon. Also avaliable Solar Streak Megazord.

* [25086-25084] Mega Talking -Red Dragon Fire Power Ranger and Red Legend Power Ranger each come with assorted weapon and two phrases when belly is pressed.

* [25085] Mega Talking Solaris Knight -comes with Lamp Laser weapon.

Armored Figures

* * [25025-25027] Morphmax Battlized Power Rangers -Red, Yellow and Green become different mystical creatures.

*[25036] Solaris Knight to Legendary Locomotive - Comes with his Lamp Laser.
*[25035] Red Power Ranger to Legndary Locomotive - Comes with Alianbow's sword while he is in Ancient Tiran Mode.

* * * 12" Battlized Solaris Knight- Solaris Knight transform with bird-like armor. Repackaged Ninja Storm Battlizer.


* *[25103] Solar Cell Morpher - Solaris Knight's morpher and weapon. It is modified of the Japanese version. Was formerly called Daggeron which is Solaris Knight's alias.

* *Mystic Lion Staff - Lights and Sound, the numbers do not rotate, much bigger than the Japanese version and shoots out discs.

* [25109] Fierce Dragon Battle Staffs - The Battlized Ranger's weapon.

* *Solaris Knight Mystic Saber - In actually a slim-down soft attack version of the Mystic Lion Staff.

* * Wolf King Mystic Saber - Koragg's reformed sword. This did appear in Magiranger but not in toy form in Japan of this color.


* [25047] Lion Rider -Comes with Green Ranger.

* [25048] Phoenix Racer - A firebird version for the Yellow Ranger.

* [25053] Solar Tracker -Solaris Knight's ATV. His Lamp Laser is attached to bottom.

* *[25089] Fury Solar Tracker - red version comes with different colored Solaris Knight.

* [25058] Mobile Lion Warrior - Shoots missile. Includes Dragon Fire Ranger.

* * *[25089] Dragon Tracker with Dragon Force Ranger - Red version of Mystic Tracker with Red Ranger with gold armor and black emblem.

* [25046] Red Action Dragons - Comes with Red Legend Warrior.The dragon is known as "Fire Heart" on the show. Red Ranger is a smaller figure than the vehicle ones.

* Legendary Tracker - Repaint of SPD Delta Police Tracker, comes with Red and Green Rangers.

[25061] Dragon Rootcore Command Center - A mobile dragon/train fusion command center that transform intoa tower for your figures. Includes a Dragon Fire Ranger with green emblem.

* *[91571] Legendary Mobile Command Center - Includes 'vehicle' Red Ranger figure.


* *[25074] Solar Streak Megazord - Train becomes Megazord.


*[90582] Mini Adventure Set - Legend Red, Legend Blue, Solar Streak Megazord, Koragg and a Styxoid

* * * Mystic Force Adventure Set 2 - Legend Red, Legend Blue, Green Mystic, Wolf King Megazord, Koragg, Hidac, Styxoid, green-painted Yellow Savage Cycle and playset assortments. Only Wild Force element is the cycle.

* * * Mystic Force Adventure Set 3 - Red, Green, Yellow Rangers, Phoenix Unizord, 'taurus axe', a Putrid, Jindrax, Red Savage Cycle and a blue vehicle launcher. Three Wild Force elements in this one. Simply repackaging, no relation to the actual series.

* [91469, 91468] Solaris Knight and Titan Megazord Training Set - Solaris Knight comes with mask, top, Solar Cell Morpher, symbol buckle and Solaris-Colored Magi Staff. Titan Megazord comes with Phoenix Titan Mask, Titan Saber, Power Lighting Bolt and Phoenix buckle.

* * Mystic Force Fury Dragon Set - Includes Dragon Morphin Red Ranger, Dragon Morphin Knight Wolf and Mystic Red Ranger mask.

* * Mystic Force Adventure Set - Includes Red, Green, Yellow Rangers, Hidiac and Manticore Megazord.

Only Available in Japan:
'Dark' Mystic Morpher
White Mystic Morpher
Laser Lamp
Sky Carpet w/ Solaris Knight figure
Gold Solar Cell Morpher