* Appeared in the series
* Toy form only
* Has Japanese counterpart
* Only one or two appear in the series
* Another version
* Repaint/Repackaged
* Unannounced in plans
Armored Figures

Armored Figures

* * Mytsic Morph Power Rangers -Red Dragon Fire, Solaris Knight and Green Dragon Fire Rangers and the Manticore Megazord. The rangers have two face masks: a silver one and for red--a green one, for green-a red one, and solaris-a gold mask.

* * Morphmax Battlized Power Rangers -Red Dragon Fire and Solaris become different mystical creatures. Parts from the others can connect to create a new beast!

* Legendary Battlized Power Rangers - Red and Green change to Lion.

* Legendary Phoenix Solaris Knight and Red Ranger -Turn into phoenix.

* * * 12" 12" Battlized Red Ranger- Red Ranger transform with bird-like armor. Repackaged Ninja Storm Battlizer.

* * Solaris Knight transforms to Solar Streak Megazord, Red Dragon Fire Ranger transforms to Manticore Megazord, and Green Power Ranger transforms to Steedergon Fury Megazord. This Red Dragon Fire Ranger doesn't resemble the others at all and the Green Ranger resembles the one with the Magic Tracker. The Steerdergon Megazord is known as the Phoenix Unizord in the show.


* Fierce Dragon Morpher - Battlizer device for the Red Ranger to become the Dragon Fire Ranger.

* * Mystic Saber Max Fury Edition - Reverse colors on sword and shield that does not appear in the series.

* * Solaris Knight Battle Staffs - Repaint that does not appear in the series.

* Manticore Mystic Saber Soft Attack - Soft attack version of the Manticore Megazord's weapon.


* * Lion Speeders with Red Power Ranger- Comes with disc and launches lion head.

* * Solaris Knight Radio Control Cycle -Repaint of the "Remote Control Cycle with Red Ranger." 27 Megahertz. Can flip head with remote.

* Legendary Lion Radio Control Cycle- New mold, can transform into a standing base. The way the ranger is part of the bike is reminiscent of the early thunder bike racers.

* * Solaris Knight Action Dragon - Figure attached to Dragon, not same design as prototype.

* * Magic Tracker - Green Ranger white dragon ATV, comes with claws and firing missiles. Avaliable for pre-order on

* * Falcon Lionex Vehicle - Re-paint of the Wild Force toy-only Luxator vehicle along with the newly white-armored Red and Green Rangers.

Cycle Morphin Red Power Ranger and Solaris Knight - Cycle becomes rangers, also lights up.

* *[95057 ] Mystic Force Xtreme Dragon - Re-colored and re-packaged Pyre the Fire Dragon from Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog Dragon . Comes in Red and Green. Was scheduled to come out in Spring.

Never Released:

Solaris Knight with Lion Speeder - Promoted on websites but never released in stores.

At toy fair, picture shown without Lion head.


* * [ 90761] Manticore Electronic Megazord - The lion has sounds and moves.


* * * Mega Vehicle Set C -Includes Red Ranger, Green Ranger, Solaris Knight with red emblem and line, Green Mystic Speeder, and re-painted royal blue Mystic Speeder all repackaged. A Disney Store exculsive.

* * * * Ultimate Figure Set -Includes Green Ranger, Wolf Warrior and Blue Ranger.