* Appeared in the series
* Only Toy, not in show
* Another version
* Repaint/Repackaged


*[31701-31706] 4" Articulated Figures - Super Samurai Ranger Fire, Wood, Water; Samurai Ranger Sky and Earth; and Master Xandred. Pink and Yellow are in regular mode, the Red, Blue and Green Rangers were released in their regular fighting mode last Fall. Red, Blue and Green now come in super mode.

Mini Collectible Figures - Collect them all, from Red, Blue, Pink, Green, or Yellow Rangers and a Mooger.

Figure and Card Set - Mini figures and three cards sold seperately.

Armor Morphing Rangers - Flip from Mega mode to Super Mega Mode with Red, Blue, Green or Gold.


*Black Box Morpher- The morpher comes with lights and sounds and a special Disc and buckle.

*Hydro Bow The personal weapon of the Blue Ranger comes with the Water Disc and badge.

*Shogun Buckle The buckle that appears on the Red Shogun Ranger, comes with a new disc and other assessories.


[31751-31753] Sword Cycles - Comes in Red, Blue and Green with Fire, Water, and Forest.

[88451-88452] Mini Cycles
Red and Green Mini cycles sold seperately.


*[31580] Bull Megazord
The BullZord morphs from battle Megazord mode into Zord mode! It can combine with more zords for more fire power!

*[31770] Shark Zord with Shark Attack Ranger
The Shark Zord can combine with the Samurai Megazord. Jayden the Red Ranger comes with removeable helmet and Shark Attack armor.

*[31771] Spider Zord and Gold Ranger
The Spider Zord can go from Lantern to Spider to fighting warrior. Comes with Antonio the Gold Ranger with removeable helmet. The Spider Zord can combine with the Bear, Ape, Turtle and Dragon zords.


*Ranger Training Gear
The Blue Ranger mask, mini Hydro Bow, Water Disc, Blank Disc, Swordfish Disc, and Buckle.