* Appeared in the series
* Only Toy, not in show
* Another version
* Repaint/Repackaged


*[31707-31712] 4" Articulated Figures - Super Mega Ranger Fire, Water, Forest, Wind and Earth. Shogun Ranger Fire used as well.

** [31742-31743] Shogun Ranger Water and Shogun Ranger Light - come with detachable armor and helmet. Shows cast member likeness. Shogun Gold did not appear on the show.

[96257] Samurai SMASH Rangers - Collection of Mini Battle Ready Figures comes in a smaller 2 inch scale making them perfect for any display setting. Each figure is set in an action pose with their unique battle gear in hand.


* [31785] Baracude Blade - Gold Rangers Barracuda Blade is also available with a light in the length of the blade.

* [31785] Bullzooka - Conversion and multiple battle sounds allow kids to reenact their favorite action where good prevails over evil! Gear has distinctive morph features. Collect the BullZooka and Mega Blade sword then combine to create ultimate Shogun spear!

* [96535] Shogun Spear - Large deluxe weapon of the Shogun Ranger!  

* [31941 - 31942] Mega Ranger Mask Forest and Sky

* [31886] Shogun Helmet -
To gain power morph the Helmet from Mega Mode into the ultimate Shogun Mode with a quick morph of the crown. Unlock battle sounds, the theme song, or overlay Red Ranger's voice with a press of a second sound button.


* [31761] Tiger Tank - Comes with Samurai Ranger Fire in a darker tone.

* [31934-31935] Sword Cycles - Sword Cycle with Super Mega Ranger Light and Shark Sword Cycle with Shark Attack Ranger Fire. Figure comes with bike and weapons that fit on cycle.

* [88560-88564] Morphin Vehicles Fire, Water, Forest and Light


*[[31581] Samurai Gigazord - The ultimate zord, made up of multiple zords, three ways to play: 1) Morph as Megazord mode; 2) Morph as Zord mode; 3) Morph with items in the ZordBuilder collection!

* [31773] Scorpion Creature and Deker - The Scorpion is a redesign of the Clawzord and can attached as an arm and head for the Samurai Megazord.


[31748] Ranger Training Gear Light - Become a Power Rangers Samurai hero with this cool gear! This role play set includes a Power Rangers Mask, Battle Gear, multiple Discs, a Disc Holder, and a Belt Clip to holster the gear. Gold Ranger with the Barracuda Blade

[31896-31897] Build and Morph Set - Blue and Red Ranger sets to build, come with figure.

[31948] Power Morphicon 2012 Exclusive Figure Set - Metallic-coating Shark Attack Red Ranger and Royal Mooger come with exclusive drawing booklet.

[31956] Comic Con Exclusive Final Victory Ranger Pack - Super Mega Gold, Yellow, Blue, Green, and Pink Rangers and Shark Attack Mega Red Ranger in exclusive set. Super Mega Gold did not appear on the show.

[96526] Samurai Ranger Team - Super Samurai Red, Blue and Greenw ith Regular Pink, Yellow and Gold Rangers in a set.