* Appeared in the series
* Toy form only
* Has Japanese counterpart
* Another version
* Repaint

April - May 2005

* [20011] Shadow Light Patrol Power Ranger - Light up helmet and black-coated Shadow Saber and R.I.C. Gun mode.
* [20044] 6.5" Shadow Delta Morphin Power Ranger -Transforms into the White R.I.C. Canine.
* * [20034] 5" Shadow Battlized Power Ranger -The armor is the teal R.I.C. Canine.

* [20027] Orangehead Troobian - Krybot with orange armor. * [20104] Talking S.P.D. Commander Doggy Cruger
[20012] Omega Light Patrol Power Ranger - Comes with R.I.C. Canine Cannon Mode and a special saber weapon.

* [91336] Soft Attack Shadow Saber -A regular hard version of this toy exists in Japan. * *[20008-20010] Cyber Arm Power Rangers - Red, Blue and Green.

* [20141-20145] Delta Armor Power Rangers -Metallic skin (expect for bottom arms and bottom legs). Packaging in French as well. Metallic was last used in the 1995 Power Rangers line.

Summer 2005

* * * [90266] Space Patrol Set -Red, Blue Light Patrol figures and unnamed zord. In Japan, it appeared in the Dekaranger movie and it is called the Blast Buggy. It can combine with the Delta Squad Megazord. Starting with Dino Thunder, Bandai America releases single zords with extra toys as incentive for parents to buy it.
* * * [20128] Delta Blasters (Special Omega Edition) - Repainted Red Ranger weapons to accommodate the fact that the Omega Ranger doesn't have a handheld weapon.

Power Rangers Mini Playset -Dino Thunder and SPD figures. Red SPD Ranger, Delta Squad Megazord, Blue DT Ranger, Yellow DT Ranger, and Black Triptoid.