Power Rangers Wild Force - Spring Toys

* Appeared in the series
* Toy form only
* Has Japanese counterpart
* Only One or three appeared in the series
* Another version
* Repaint

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* [10151-10158] 5" Wild Force Power Rangers - Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, White, & Lunar Wold Rangers, Jindrax, and Putrids. Each ranger has dual-actions. The five main power weapons combine into a miniature Jungle Sword.

* *[10211] Deluxe Wild Force Megazord - Five Wild Zords: Eagle, Bison, Lion, Shark, and Tiger - combine into Megazord. In Japan, they were only sold together.
* *[10216] Deluxe Kongazord - Five Wild Zords: Eagle, Bison, Gorilla, Black Bear, and Polar Bear - combine into Megazord with electronic walking action. In Japan, Gorilla was sold seperately and the Bears were sold in one package.

* *[10196] Growl Phone - Morpher of the Wild Force Rangers, with electronic lights and sound.
* *
[10197] Lunar Caller
- Morpher of the Lunar Wolf Ranger.

* [10221] Red Wild Force Ranger Playset - Micro playset with miniature Red and Yellow Ranger, Red Lion, and a Putrid.
* [10181-10186] Savage Cycles - With detachable weapons and 5-inch Ranger figures.
* *[10206] Deluxe Jungle Sword - Five kid sized weapons combine into Jungle Sword.

* [10222] Red Lion Fang Playset - Micro playset with miniature White, Black and Blue Rangers and Retianxe.
* *[10202] Lion Blaster - Red Rangers's weapon, with lights and sound.
* *[10201] Crystal Saber - Includes five interchangeable power orbs & power animals.
* [10246] Deluxe Luxator Vehicle - Dual-mode vehicle, includes Red Ranger figure.
* [10247] Deluxe Lunar Animotor - Dual-mode vehicle, includes Lunar Wolf Ranger figure.

* [10226-10229] Deluxe Savage Battle Rangers - Detachable weapons and backpacks combine to form vehicles.
[10241-10244] Zord Morphin Power Rangers - Rangers transform into their Wild Zords. Red Lion, Black Bison, Blue Shark, and Silver Wolf.
[10171-10173] 5-inch Action Zords - Wild Force Megazord, Kongazord, and Predazord.

[10171] 5-inch Action Wild Force Megazord - Includes Elephantzord to make Sword and Shield Mode.

Not pictured:
  • Wild Force Wild Pack: Five pack which includes Red, Blue, Black Rangers, and Shark and Lion vehicles.
  • Wild Force Savage Adventure Playset: Includes 7-inch Wild Force Megazord figure, five 3-inch figurines, Red Lion, Red Savage Cycle, and launcher.