* Appeared in the series
* Toy form only
* Has Japanese counterpart
* Only One or three appeared in the series
* Another version
* Repaint

* [10161-10167] 5.5 inch Spin Morphin Rangers - Six Rangers and Zen-Aku switch heads and spin when you squeeze their legs. Lunar Wolf Ranger spins head to Merrick and * Zen-Aku spin heads to Lunar Wolf Ranger.

* [10198] Wild Force Battilizer Buckle - The Animarium Armored Red Ranger's power buckle with Lights and Sound.
* *[10199] Wild Force Growl Phone Silver Version

* *[10203] Wild Force Lunar Cue - Includes three interchangeable power orbs and minature power animals. Also includes a holder.
* *[10204] Wild Force Falcon Summoner - Includes four interchangeable power orbs and power animals.

* *[10212] Wild Force Deluxe Predazord - Three Wild Zords: Wolf, Hammerhead Shark, and Alligator combine into the Lunar Wolf Ranger's Megazord. In Japan, they were only sold together, in three versions: evil, good, and blue moon.
* *[10213] Deluxe Animus Megazord
- Five Wild Zords: Lion, Buffalo, Condor, Saw Shark, and Leopard combine into the legendary Megazord. In Japan, they were only sold together.

* *[10267] Deluxe Isis Megazord - Five Zords: Falcon, Giraffe, Deer, Armadillo, and Rhino combine into this megazord. Falcon has electronic sounds. In Japan, they were all sold seperately and also together. Rhino and Armadillo were sold together.

* [10218] Deluxe Ultimus Megazord - Four Zords: * Red Gorilla, Shark, * White & Silver Soul Bird, and Dark Purple Bison combine into the legendary Megazord. Includes torso spacer. The Red Gorilla comes from the Gaoranger: Fire Mountain Growls movie, never appeared on Wild Force series. Black and Silver Soul Bird and Red Gorilla where sold seperately in Japan.

* [10174-10175] 5.5 inch Action Zords - Isis Megazord and Pegasus Megazord.
* [91202] Wild Force Primal Adventure Set - Miniature playsets, with Mandilok, Putrid, Isis Megazord, Red Falcon, Red, Blue, and Lunar Wolf Rangers.

* 10231-10234] 5.5 inch Primal Warrior Rangers - Four Rangers with removeable armor. Red was called Animarium Armor on the show.

* [10301 -10304] Primal Morphin Power Rangers Deluxe Edition - Four Rangers transform into Wild Zords. Blue Ranger/Elephant, Red Ranger/Red Gorilla, Black Ranger/Green Rhino, and Lunar Wolf Ranger/Silver & Purple Falcon.

* [10207] Deluxe Jungle Blaster - 5 original weapons combine into one. Falconator, Deer Clutcher, Rhino Shooter, Sword of Pardolis, and Armadillo Puck.
* [10307] Wild Force Primal Pack - Includes Kongazord, Predazord, Wild Force Action Megazord, Red, Lunar Wolf Wild Force Rangers and Putrid action figures.

* [10191-10194] Wild Force Riders - Four motorcycles transform into air vehicles with the press of a button. Each includes one of four weapons which can combine into one super weapon. Lunar Wolf Ranger not pictured.

* [91102] Wild Force Jumbo Isis Megazord
* [10223] Falcon Tower Playset - Inclues Lunar Wolf Ranger, Jindrax, and unknown villian. Transforms from Tower to Falconzord.
* [10270] Wild Force Zord Armor - Red/Wild Force Megazord, Black and Silver not pictured.

[10261-10264] 12 inch Battlized Warrior Rangers - Four Rangers with removeable armor. Same style of Deluxe Primal Warrior but with their first power animals. Their armors turn into zords. Lunar Wolf not pictured.

* [10281] Deluxe Temple Ruins Playset - With electronic sounds and actions, includes Red Ranger and exclusive Princess Shayla figure. The toy is more or less like the one from the show.
* [10276] Deluxe Isis Command Megazord - Remote controlled Megazord with action features.

* [10308] Wild Force Savage Battle Pack - Lunar Wolf (Savage Cycle model) Ranger, Red and Blue Savage Battle Rangers, Black and Yellow (Savage Cycle) Rangers, and exclusive * Master Org.

* [10248] Deluxe Soul Bird - Vehicle for 5.5 inch Red Ranger. Transorms into Falcon.
* [91401] Wild Force Red Power Ranger Savage Racer - R/C bike Includes morpher remote. Lunar Wolf also avaliable.

Not Pictured:
Talking Warrior Power Rangers - 12 inch super poseable figures say three phrases.
Predator Adventure Set - Miniature playsets, with villains, Rangers, and Zords.

Never Produced:
Soul Bird Playset

Prototype for Lunar Wolf Zord Armor Ranger

Only Available in Japan
Black and Silver Soul Bird
Predazord with Blue Alligator {Gao Hunter Moon Version}
Black Elephantzord (with Gao Knight, Toys 'R' Us Japan Exclusive)
White Lion (Contest Exclusive)
Blue Lion (Contest Exclusive)
Panda (CD Exclusive)