Monsters Page 5

Silverhead is another one of Morgana's drawings brought to life. He is sent to Earth to battle against the B-Squad Power Rangers. He is given a giant robot to fight against the Deltamax Megazord.
Mooney is an old classmate of Kat's who was sick of always being in her shadow. He has now joined up with Broodwing and is using his remote control robots to attack the city. Mooney's plans are foiled and he is brought in by Kat as the S.P.D. Kat Ranger.
Bork is wanted in ten galaxies for crimes including leaving Alpha Centurai in ruins. He has a powerful whip on his head that vaporizes things so he goes around calling himself the Ultimate Master. Bork teams up with Broodwing and captures the Green Ranger. Unfortantely, he escapes and the Rangers follow him to a giant robot, which is taken down by the S.W.A.T. Megazord.
Herock seems to be part of the mafia and has been given Bluehead Krybots to use at his disposal. He betrays an alien called Bork, but when Herock tries to ellinate him, he is vaporized.
The Dragoul is sent by Broodwing to battle the Power Rangers. The Dragoul grows, but the Power Rangers stop it with the Deltamax Megazord.
Dragoul II
The second Dragoul is even bigger than the first. What seems to be the giant version of this creature is only the normal size, but it eventually grows again to become even bigger. The Dragoul is taken down by all four of the Megazords.
Kraw is a wanted criminal who came to Earth and disguised himself as the world famous scientist Professor Cerebros. As Cerebros, he works for Broodwing and is responsible for bringing the Dino Rangers bringing the Dino Rangers from the past. He is also responsible for redirecting the course of an asteroid to hit the Earth. His true identity is found out by Bridge when he uses his psychic power to scan him. Kraw is brought in by the Power Rangers using S.W.A.T. Mode.
"History" & "Impact"
Icthior was a member of S.P.D. on Sirius where he faught dirty against Doggie in an attempt to win the attention of Isinia. His methods failed and he was expelled from the academy. Wanting revenge, Icthior joins with Broodwing in a mission to disgrace S.P.D. by taking all the Rangers badges. He goes up against his longtime rival Doggie and catches him offguard once, but is eventually taken down by the Shadow Ranger.