Supreme Commander Fowler Birdie
Supreme Commander Fowler Birdie is head of Galaxy Command, the base of all S.P.D. operations in the galaxy. He is a tough leader and doesn't like it when his authority is challenged.
Boom was rejected from the Ranger Academy, but continues to assist Kat as a gadget tester. Boom has always dreamed of being a Ranger and even told his parents that he was the Orange Ranger. When Boom messes up big time by making his own Orange Ranger costume and interfering in a battle, he comes to realize that he doesn't need to be a Ranger to be important.
R.I.C. - Robotic Interactive Canine is the trusty robotic assistant to the Power Rangers. He was created by Kat to perform many functions; including acting as a cannon for the Power Rangers as well as the Battlizer for the Red Ranger.
Sergent Silverback
Sergent Silverback is a tough gorilla and puts the Rangers through his boot camp from hell. He makes it clear that he won't accept slacking, because neither will Gruumm. He even demotes the Rangers to D-Squad and threatens to send a recommendation for dismassal until the Rangers get their acts together. Silverback provides the Rangers with the Special Weapons and Tactics and Command Truck.
R.I.C. - Bulldog Version
Sergent Siverback has another Robotic Interactive Canine (R.I.C.) who acts as a trusty sidekick. His other capabilities are unknown.
Piggy is a free agent who will give information to anyone who pays for it or threatens him for it. Piggy owns his own cafe that brings in patrons from many different planets. He has found himself caught between S.P.D., Gruumm, and Broodwing.
Power Rangers Dino Thunder
The Power Rangers Dino Thunder are called upon to unite with the S.P.D. Rangers and save the future in the year 2025. They are called upon again, when Emperor Gruumm travels to the present.