Anubis "Doggie" Cruger, Shadow S.P.D. Ranger
Full Name: Anubis "Doggie" Cruger
Ranger Designation: Shadow S.P.D. Ranger
Genetic Power: Unavailable
Special Skill: S.P.D. Commander
Weapons: Shadow Saber
Gear: Patrol Morpher
Zords: Delta Command
Doggie is in command of Earth's S.P.D. operations. He commands the Power Rangers team, and proves to be one of their most valuable assets by becoming the Shadow Ranger. He is the sole survivor of the planet Sirius, the founder of S.P.D. When the evil Emperor Gruumm attacked Sirius, Doggie faught against all the odds, but couldn't save anyone on his planet, not even his wife Isinia.

When an old enemy General Benaag appears on Earth, Doggie is reminded of his past and must take up his sword again when Kat is kidnapped. Doggie becomes the Shadow Ranger and learns that there is much that he doesn't know about the events on Sirius. When his superior officer Supreme Commander Birdie comes to Earth, Doggie is forced to split up the team. Since he doesn't comply, Birdie relieves him of duty. After Gruumm appears on Earth, Doggie must return as Shadow Ranger to save the team from Gruumm.

When Cruger was training at the academy on Sirius, he faces off against a power hungry student Ichyor who gets expelled from S.P.D. after trying to kill him. Later, Ichyor returns to take his revenge out on Doggie's Rangers. Justice is finally served when Doggie brings in Ichyor for his crimes, but not before he reveals that Isinia is alive.

Doggie finally faces off against Gruumm and finishes what he started on Sirius by cutting off his other antler. He rescues Isinia and brings in Gruumm once and for all. Doggie is promoted to the next rank and continues his command of S.P.D. on Earth.