A-Squad S.P.D. Rangers
Ranger Designations: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink A-Squad S.P.D. Rangers
Weapons: Delta Enforcers
Gear: S.P.D. Morphers
Zords: Delta Runners
Charlie, A-Squad
A-Squad Blue
A-Squad Green
A-Squad Yellow
A-Squad Pink
The A-Squad is considered the best of the best of Power Rangers at the S.P.D. Academy. They have gone through extensive training and are Commander Cruger's top picks for the defenders of the galaxy. They get top picks of the missions and access to the Delta Runners while B-Squad are there only to provide backup. When Emperor Gruumm launches an attack on the Helix Nebula, the A-Squad Rangers are entrusted with taking on the mission. After leaving for the nebula, the A-Squad vanishes leaving nothing but a distorted distress signal behind.

When the B-Squad Power Rangers are sent to intercept a distress call on Gamma Orion, they discover the A-Squad in a crash landed ship. After returning to S.P.D. the A-Squad reveal their true colors by capturing Commander Cruger for Emperor Gruumm. They have sold out to their thirst for money and power with the promise that they will rule Earth alongside Gruumm. The A-Squad Rangers take on the B-Squad Rangers, but severely underestimate their abilities and are taken down and confined.

The A-Squad Rangers are led by Charlie, the first known female Red Ranger. A-Squad Blue is part of an alien species resembling a beaver. The A-Squad is believed to be responsible for the attack of the colony on Gamma 4. After being confined, the A-Squad position is retired.