Lily Chilman, Yellow Cheetah Ranger - Power Rangers Jungle Fury
Lily Chilman, Yellow Cheetah Ranger
Full Name: Lily Chilman
Ranger Designation: Yellow Cheetah Ranger, Jungle Master Yellow Ranger
Weapons: Jungle Bo, Jungle Mace, Battle Claws
Gear: Solar Morpher
Zords: Cheetah, Elephant, Penguin

Lily is a laid-back risk taker, and can be extremely stubborn sometimes, so she can get her way. With the speed of the cheetah, and the quick reflexes, she never wants to stand still, and she doesn't like meditation. Before joining the Pai Zhuq Kung Fu academy, Lily was the captain of the Cheer Squad at her High School. She brought home gold by incorporating her street dance into her school performances. After her final test, Lily was chosen by Master Mao, to become a guardian of Dai Shi but with Dai Shi released and Master Mao dead she went to Ocean Bluff with her team and became the Yellow Ranger. She likes to give advice to people or help them out if she can. Lily thinks of Casey as a little brother and will do anything to protect him, especially when she had a dream of the Five Fingers doing him in and went after one during an attack. When Theo became jealous of her budding friendship with Casey, Lily had to clarify they will always be friends. Lily is never above holding her own against the two boys. Lily is also a very good dancer, in one battle her dancing techniques helped her to win. She can be very stubborn at times but sometimes it comes to her advantage. For example, when Master Phant refused to teach her how to use the Jungle Mace, she also refused something, refused to move from his house until he taught her. He taught her in time to save her friends and the world from the Pangolin's threat.

When Dai Shi beat up the Rangers and sequestered R.J., the Rangers were left Master-less. R.J. told them they knew what to do, which was to go back to basics, which led them back to the Pai Zhuq Academy room where Dai Shi was kept. The Rangers were greeted once more by their fallen teacher Master Mao. He sent them to the Spirit World to be trained by three fallen masters. She was the first to be sent to a dimension to be tested, she had to face her fear of spiders. Master Guin granted Lily the Claw Boosters, Jungle Master mode, and Penguin animal spirit zord. One day, the boys were poking fun at Lily's easy-going attitude and goody-goody acts. Porcupongo had injected quills inside of her, R.J. removed them, but missed one. These effected her, making her rebellious and defensive. She wore a motorcycle jacket, obtained a yellow motorcycle and drove Fran crazy in the restaurant. When the boys were in trouble, Fran threatened to use Lily's Solar Morphers, Lily started an altercation. In this fight, the last quill was dejected out of Lily and she returned to normal.

Lily can also summon the Elephant Spirit Ranger when needed. When her test came to earn her stripes as master, she went up against Master Phant and suceeded. Her belief in Camille that she was a good person underneath it all helped Camille in joining the battle alongside them. Theo was discouraged in revealing his true feelings to Lily when she told him they were only friends but Fran clarified he never really asked her on a date. After the final battle, he finally asked her on a date and she accepted.