New Powers
As the Super Mega Rangers, Gosei not only gave them the ability to become Legendary Rangers they knew but also "New Powers" never before seen on Earth. These powers whether they were aliens like he Aquitian Rangers, from another dimension like RPM or from the future like the SPD Rangers was unclear.

The first new powers the Super Megaforce unlocked resembled the Mighty Morphin White Ranger, with white details instead of black. They also seemed to resemble the Thunderzords as they consisted of mythical creatures. Yellow had a Kirin, a chimera-like creature on her helmet, Pink had a phoenix, Red had a dragon, Green had a lion and Blue had a pegasus. Their group attack was the "Final Strike." The Red Ranger was seen fighting along with Red Jungle Fury Ranger in the Legendary Battle.

These Rangers are highly adept at martial arts. The Ranger Keys allowed the Legendary Megazord to perform an aura attack. Gia first used the Yellow Key to fight back X-Borgs when Matacore attacked and refered it to as 'Blitz'. Blue used the powers to fight Levira in her final battle. We never see the full team.

These Rangers use hard light power as hand-to-hand combat power augmentations. Emma first used the Pink key to generate prism boots for kicks. Jake later used it to make prism fists to punch. Emma used the Green key and adopted a female version of the suit to fight Levira.

The Rangers used these powers to fight Turtilini and refered it to as "Dragon." Red has a dragon on his helmet, Blue had a Pegasus, White had a Mermaid, Pink had a Phoenix and Black had a Griffon. Gia adopted the White Ranger powers as there was no Yellow Ranger. Jake used the Black Ranger powers to fight Levira.

We did not see the full team. Gia used the power once as the Yellow Ranger to fight Levira and seemed to have musical powers. Pink Supersonic Ranger was seen in the Legendary Battle.

Super Mega Cannon
Noah constructs the Super Mega Cannon along with thehelp of the other Rangers when his body was switched with Jake by a monster. It fits five Ranger Keys and can finish off any monster.