Orion (Super Megaforce Silver Ranger)
Name: Orion
Ranger Designation: Super Megaforce Silver Ranger
Morphers: Legendary Silver Morpher
Weapons: Super Silver Spear, Super Silver Blaster
Zords: Q-Rex
Orion comes from the planet Andresia, which the Armada attacked and he lost his hometown. He was a miner and found the Legendary Silver Morpher with Silver Ranger Key. He took down a Armada ship and went to Earth. He saw the Rangers and helped them out with a monster. Once he joined the Rangers, he unlocked the Sixth Ranger Keys and was given the Q-Rex Megazord to help in the battle. He was a fish out of water when he arrived but quickly assimilated with a new haircut, wardrobe and job at Ernie's. Jake was jealous at how perfect Orion seemed but they learned how to work together. Orion was able to mere the Gold and Silver RPM Keys and merge 15 Sixth Ranger keys into an anchor. The anchor helps him transform into his Gold Ranger form. He can become past sixth Rangers like White Mighty Morphin, Gold Zeo, Gold Samurai Ranger and others like Wolf Warrior. He went back to Andresia but returned back to Earth to save the Rangers when he heard the Armada was sending more ships. With Troy, they defeated Emperor Mavro on his ship. He helped his team and past Rangers fight off the rest of the Armada.