Legendary Morpher
Legendary Morpher
The Megaforce Rangers' second transformation device is the Legendary Morpher that resembles a phone. The Rangers can transform into their Super Mode by inserted their Ranger Key. They can also transform into their original forms or form of any past Ranger depending on the key.

Legendary Ranger Keys Legendary Ranger Keys
The Super Megaforce Rangers use these keys that represent various Ranger teams to morph into Rangers that preceded them. The keys are activated through the Legendary Morpher or inserting them into their Megazord consoles. The core Ranger Keys line the Command Center's interior walls.

Super Mega Saber Super Mega Saber
The Super Megaforce Rangers are equipped with sabers, they sometimes switch them so one Ranger uses two sabers at once. Once Noah used all five sabers against a villain.

Super Mega Blaster Super Mega Blaster
The Super Megaforce Rangers are each equipped with blasters. They sometimes switch them so one Ranger uses two blasters at once like Jake and Emma.

Legendary Silver Morpher

Legendary Silver Morpher
Orion fond this morpher and his Silver Ranger Key on his home planet of Andresia. Like the Legendary Morphers, it enables him to transform into past Sixth Rangers.

Super Silver Spear Super Silver Spear
Orion's primary weapon is a spear and it can transform into the Super Silver Blaster. The Super Silver Spear becomes larger when he becomes the Gold Ranger.

Super Silver Blaster Super Silver Blaster

Super Mega Cannon
Noah constructs the Super Mega Cannon along with thehelp of the other Rangers when his body was switched with Jake by a monster. It fits five Ranger Keys and can finish off any monster.