Prince Vekar Prince Vekar
Prince Vekar is the leader of the Armada fleet that attacked Earth and is first in line to the throne of his royal family. He is the oldest son of Emperor Mavro and the older brother of Vrak. Before the invasion, Vekar overheard Mavro telling Damaras to babysit him which Vekar grew angry of and vowed to prove his worth to his father. Later, Vekar went down to Earth with Argus to introduce himself, but the rangers arrive, only to anger him and got injured. When his plan with Gorgax failed due to the appearance of the Silver Ranger, he fell into deep depression due to the fact that none of his plans were able to beat the rangers. Sometime later, Emperor Mavro sends an Imperial Ship to the Armada Mothership to drop off the Armada Megazord. The royal guards presented it to Vekar as a gift from his father. Fed up with all the failures, Vekar decides to use his Megazord against the Rangers. Damaras's advises Vekar not to, however Vekar says that he is sick of Damaras doubting him. Having the element of suprise, Vekar used his Megazord against the Rangers and easily beats them. Vekar's celebration was cut short when he heard of Argus's defeat by a Blue Ranger and he immediately went back to his Megazord. With the Ultimate Megazord, the Rangers destroyed Vekar's Megazord and the explosion resulting into his death. By nighttime, Damaras scoured the Megazord's wreckage and found Vekar's corpse.

Damaras Damaras
Being pratically undefeated and known throughout the universe especially by the Armada, Damaras claimed the title as the Strongest Warrior in the Universe. Before the invasion, Damaras was commanded by Emperor Mavro to serve as Prince Vekar's second-in-command. Damaras has a serious, calm and collected disposition and tends to use his intelligence rather than his strength, making him the polar opposite and counterbalance of Vekar. He also has a tendency to make the orders for his subordinates without Vekar's permission and/or knowledge. After Vekar's demise, he is arrested by Emperor Mavro, but is later given a chance to redeem himself, which eventually leads to his downfall and the preparing of another invasion from his superior, with Yellzor and Redker taking over his place as second-in-command of the attacking fleet, now personally led by the Armada Emperor. After besting the Rangers and kidnapping Troy, he was ultimately destroyed by the Power Rangers.

Argus Argus
Argus is a robotic general who serves as the the personal bodyguard to Prince Vekar working for the Armada. He was on the Armada space ship, when Vekar calls the Armada to start the invasion. His most common response to orders from Vekar are "Yes, Boss." He occasionally goes down to Earth to battle the Rangers. He finally comes face to face with Noah. However, Noah deflects his Solar Slash and Argus is destroyed.

Princess Levira Princess Levira
Levira is a cruel and cunning scientist who enjoys to deploy her skill to construct weaponry for the Armada and is in charge of the Armada's highly advanced technology such as the Maximizer. One day, Invidious arrived and was desperate to have Levira's love as she was his childhood crush. Invidious created a love potion and gave it to Levira but she fell for Jake. Invidious was in the middle of fighting the Rangers and Levira decided to fight Invidious to protect Jake. When Invidious was enlarged, he confessed his love for her. In turn, Levira's love for Jake shifted to Invidious. However, when Invidious failed, Levira lost all love for him. After Prince Vekar and Vrak's demise, Levira begged him to release Damaras for a chance of redemption. Though the Emperor agreed, he said that if Damaras, Levira would have to take responsibility for it. When Damaras failed, Mavro threatened and she used her Megazord against the Rangers only for it to get destroyed. Levira survived the Megazord destruction and attacked the Rangers herself. When Levira was defeated, the entire Armada fleet arrived.

X-Borgs X-Borgs
The robotic footsoliders of the armada, an army of them came down Earth.

Bruisers Bruisers
The Bruisers are the elite foot soldiers of The Armada and are considerably stronger than the X-Borgs. Bruisers wielded dual energy cannons in their arms, and can also transform into cycles or jet fighters for aerial combat. Emperor Mavro is always bodyguarded by two red Bruisers known as the Royal Guards.

Vrak Vrak
At some point after going into hiding, Vrak found Robo Knight's lifeless body and bent him to his will. While he waited for the opportunity to make his next move which was when his brother Vekar was destroyed. Eventually, he regained his ability to change forms to his true form with wings. He built his first drill using technology from his lair on the land. He captured Orion to have his powers and energy drained to transfer to Robo Knight and to create three powerful Gosei Orbs which has the ability to control the elements. He also hacked into Gosei from Orion's morpher to disable all the Legendary powers and to transfer them to his orbs, leaving only the Megaforce powers usable.

Vrak fought the Rangers and later revealed that he has Robo Knight under his control. Sometime after Drill Horn was defeated, Robo Knight was freed from Vrak's control. Robo Knight attacked the underwater lair and the two engaged into a battle. He had his lair self destruct as he teleported out of the way in hopes of killing both Orion and Robo Knight. Robo Knight managed to save Orion. He caused a solar eclipse and the drills to start drilling through Earth up to it's core until the planet itself explodes. The Rangers managed to tap into their full power, sending Vrak's attack right back at him, however Vrak absorbed the attack and transferring it to the drills, speeding up the process. Troy harnessed the power of the eclipse combined with his full power and performed an Eclipse Slash at Vrak. With that, the giant drills disappeared into thin air and the Legendary Ranger powers.

Tresnag Tresnag
Before Vrak joined Warstar, Tresnag and Drill Horn were assigned by Emperor Mavro to be his commanders. During the time between The Invasion of Earth and Prince Vekar's death, and the two Commanders set up Earth's destruction with giant drills and allowed them to suck up energy. Tresnag was sent to fight them until he was defeated and then grows into a giant by Vrak. When the Gosei Great Megazord finished him off, Tresnag gleefully succeeded in his royal highness' master plan and has become the second drill. After Vrak died, Tresnag's drill disappeared.

Drill Horn Drill Horn
He along with Tresnag, he was assigned to be one of Vrak's commanders. After Prince fell, Vrak sent the Commanders to begin the master plan. Drill Horn, Dark Robo Knight and Vrak begin to plan the final drill after Tresnag became the second drill. Vrak sent Drill Horn to fight the Rangers. Vrak grew Drill Horn into a giant and the Power Rangers fight him right before he voluntarily gets destroyed not before he started to suck up more energy. After Drill Horn became the third drill. After Vrak died, Drill Horn's drill disappeared.

Emperor Mavro Emperor Mavro
Some time before Vrak went to Earth, Emperor Mavro told Damaras that he must assist his blundererson Prince Vekar in the invasion of Earth. Fed up with all the failures from the Armada, Mavro sends Matacore and later the Armada Megazord as a last resort to conquer Earth. After the death of his sons Prince Vekar and Vrak, hr decided to participate directly in the invasion of Earth and avenge his sons. As punishment for failing to conquer Earth, he had the Imperial fleet wipe out the fleet surrounding the Armada Mothership, and had Yellzor and Redker throw Damaras into prison. He had Damaras capture Troy to give him a public execution on Earth as a means to get all of humanity to surrender, only for this plan to be thwarted by the Rangers. He called in as many Armada forces in the galaxy to attack Earth to conquer it. When Levira was destroyed, the reinforcements has arrived.

The Rangers wiped out the fleet and another fleet wave arrived. Mavro introduced himself to the people of Earth. He stated that the Rangers are destroyed and that the Earth is his just like all the other planets he rules in the galaxy. Wanting them to suffer, he told the humans that he will attack the next day at dawn to finish the job. While Troy and Orion crashes an Armada ship into the Armada Mothership. While Orion distracts him by battling, Troy presses all sorts of buttons in the Armada Mothership. This resulted in the entire Armada fleet being wiped out. Orion and Troy had the Mothership crash to the ground. Emperor Mavro survived and the Rangers morph and gave it all their might against Mavro using most, if not all, of their Legendary Ranger Modes. Orion fired the Super Mega Cannon at the wound in Mavro's stomach at point-blank range, blasting him to death. As he died, Mavro called a huge X-Borg army.