Orion Returns
Airdate: May 08, 1999

Maya's vision has come true, and the Lights of Orion hover around Terra Venture.
The Rangers board the Astro Megaship and follow the Lights.
The Scorpion Stinger appears, also after the Lights, and attacks the Megaship.
The Rangers take their Jet Jammers to go after the Lights, and after a furious battle with Sting Wingers, they follow the Lights back to the station.
The Lights have reached Terra Venture, and they hover quietly over a wooded area.
Destruxo battles the Rangers for the Lights.
As Magna Defender watches, he suffers chest pains which he cannot explain.
Destruxo has managed to capture the Lights, and leaves to deliver them to his master.
Trakeena sends down Impostra to impersonate Treacheron and make him look like a traitor.
Impostra tricks Destruxo into using the powers of the Lights to battle the Rangers.
Harnessing the power of the Lights of Orion, Destruxo battles the Rangers.
And they prove to be no match for his awesome might, as they revert to normal humans.
Trakeena tells Scorpius that Treacheron has ordered Destruxo to use the Lights, and he is taken away.
The Rangers emerge from Destruxo's flames, once again transformed.
Even with their quasar launchers, they are unable to defeat Destruxo.
Just as Impostra is about to steal Destruxo's powers, Magna Defender atacks her, and she flees.
Magna Defender battles Destruxo, and he manages to free the Lights of Orion.
The Lights take to the skies, and they shine over the Rangers - it appears they have been chosen.
The Lights of Orion infuse the Rangers with incredible new powers and armor.
In a brilliant flash of firepower, Destruxo is easily destroyed.
Magna Defender watches from a distance, and realizes the Lights will never be his now.
Treacheron is placed in a cell, and swears vengeance over whoever did this to him.
  • Maya has displayed another supernatural power, this time foreseeing the return of the Lights of Orion.
  • Destruxo's jar resembled Rita's dumpster.
  • Magna Defender continues to suffer from chest pains. Could he be having a heart attack, or is it something more?
  • Some great shots of the Scorpion Stinger in battle in this episode.