Episode 33: Rangers In Reverse

The kids have a big surprise for Katherine. And, Master Vile has a big surprise for the kids. While they enjoy the carnival, he's unleashing his diabolical plot. Our heroes are summoned to the Command Center. And now must face their greatest challenge yet.

Episode 34: Alien Rangers Of Aquitar, Part 1

Episode 35: Alien Rangers Of Aquitar, Part 2

Lord Zedd and his gang land on Earth to turn Angel Grove into a frenzy. Meanwhile, our heroes are trapped as their younger selves. But, danger is just ahead when the enemy's minions show up. Then, confusion ensues when the police arrive.

Episode 36: Climb Every Fountain

Young Billy and the Alien Rangers work together. Meanwhile, Zedd and Rita develop a plot to defeat the Rangers. Then, Rito decides to take a bus. And, suddenly, the Alien Rangers are falling under the weather.

Episode 37: The Alien Trap

The kids work on a new device that will help the Alien Rangers. Then, suddenly, Rito and Goldar appear as the Alien Rangers defend their young friends.

Episode 38: Attack Of The 60' Bulk

Our young heroes receive good news about the Alien Rangers. Meanwhile, at the evil palace, Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa are ecstatic. Then, they devise a plan to turn one bad boy into a monster.

Episode 39: Water You Thinking?

The Rangers are about to begin their quest, but at the start of their journey, Cestro begins to dehydrate. Rita and Zedd conspire to keep the Alien Rangers dry. And, Billy takes action.

Episode 40: Along Came A Spider

Billy needs some spare parts. .. but, where? The young Black Ranger continues his quest. And, the Alien Rangers grow dry. Meanwhile, Rita and Lord Zedd have big plans for one pesky spider.

Episode 41: Sowing The Seas Of Evil

Young Tommy's quest begins as does young Katherine's. And, Billy learns a new danger: the Hydro Hog.

Episode 42: Hogday Afternoon, Part 1

Episode 43: Hogday Afternoon, Part 2

Aisha's quest begins. Meanwhile, Lord Zedd seeks the Zeo Crystal for himself. And, he summons the evil Hydro Hog. His assignment: get the Rangers.