Episode 1: Beginnings, Part 1

Episode 2: Beginnings, Part 2

When Emperor Grumm tries to open a vortex to Earth, Commander Cruger promotes the B Squad by giving them Delta Morphers. With the addition of Jack and Z, the B Squad Power Rangers are formed to take on a new intergalactic threat.

Episode 3: Confronted

Jack finds out that being the Red Ranger also means being the leader of the team. The A Squad Power Rangers are sent into space to fight the Troobians when Gruumm launches an attack in a nearby nebula. With the B Squad left as Earth's defenders, the others begin to doubt Jack's competence as their leader. Gruumm's assistant, the evil child Mora, helps him by drawing evil creatures and bringing them to life.

Episode 4: Walls

Sky is still reeling from the fact that he is not the Red Ranger. He refuses to participate is group activities. After Jack and Bridge are given powered up bikes, Sky has just about had it. Meanwhile, Gruumm has hatched a plan to steal a truckload of diamonds to be converted to an energy source.

Episode 5: Dogged

Piggy sells Rhinix a potion that turns people into a gooey fuel. Meanwhile, Syd is annoyed by RIC, the SPD robotic dog who is always malfunctioning. When RIC follows Syd on an assignment to investigate the missing people, Syd tells him not to get in her way. She gets Piggy to help her and finds some residual goo at the crime scene. Krybots attack and Syd is in big trouble. RIC leaps in and takes a laser hit intended for Syd. He is severely damaged and Cruger regrets to tell everyone that RIC is beyond repair. He is deactivated. Syd has grown fond of the pup and asks Bridge and Boom to try and fix him.

Episode 6: A-Bridged

The team is on the lookout for an intergalactic bank robber. They see a suspicious-looking alien, T-Top, near the vicinity of the crime. Assuming that they have their man, they try to arrest him, but T-Top puts up a fight and evades them. Although the evidence points to T-Top as the bank robber, Bridge is not convinced of his guilt and asks to conduct his own investigation. The others are dubious of Bridge's methods as he tries to look beyond the obvious facts and uses his intuition.

Episode 7: Sam, Part 1

Episode 8: Sam, Part 2

Sam, a young, shy boy, exhibits special teleportation powers that make him the cause of ridicule on the playground. Seeing that Sam has no friends Mora lures him into helping her in her latest folly. She produces the Bugglesworth monster who is able to turn humans into dolls. With Sam's power, an entire office building is teleported out of the city and the people inside turned into dolls for her playthings. The Rangers encounter Sam and Z sees a kindred soul. She realizes that he is not evil, just looking for a place to fit in. She tries to befriend Sam, but he is wary of her help. Mora sends an Orangehead soldier to fight the Rangers and is able to convince Sam to come with her. The Rangers must find a way to turn the people back to normal before it's too late. Z must convince Sam to embrace his uniqueness and use his special powers for good.

Episode 9: Idol

When Sky's old friend Dru returns to the Academy after being missing in action, he makes an attempt on Cruger's life. Sky must stop Dru before he completes his mission given to him by Broodwing.

Episode 10: Stakeout

When Jack is sent on a stakeout, he chooses Syd to go with him - even though it conflicts with her birthday plans. Meanwhile, Jack and Syd must stop Sinuku from kidnapping Dr. Rheas.

Episode 11: Shadow, Part 1

Episode 12: Shadow, Part 2

When Doggie begins having nightmares of the attack on his home planet of Sirius, he must face General Benaag, an enemy from the past - by overcoming his fear and becoming the Shadow Ranger.

Episode 13: Abandoned

As Gruumm sends Drakel to capture the evil, B-Squad begins to take Shadow Ranger for granted. An ancient guardian known as Baskin defends an evil stone. After it falls into the wrong hands, can the Power Rangers stop it? And will Shadow Ranger come to their aid?

Episode 14: Wired, Part 1

Episode 15: Wired, Part 2

With Mora's last chance to redeem herself for Gruumm, she recruits Valko who's plan is to summon a massive cyborg called Goradon. Meanwhile Sophie, a member of D-Squad steps up to take on new challenges. Will the new Delta Base Defense System be enough to stop Valko from destroying the Delta Base?

Episode 16: Boom

Boom's dream is to be the Orange Ranger. Which is exactly what he tells his parents and when they decide to visit, Bridge, Z, and Syd have to cover for him. When the situation gets desperate Boom pretends to be the Orange Ranger in battle and compromises their mission to rescue Jack and Sky, who have been transported to another dimension.

Episode 17: Recognition

When Wootox is brought in for questioning, he switches bodies with Sky. Stuck in the body of a monster with a voice that can't be understood, can Sky warn the other Rangers before it's too late? Or will Wootox use the Delta Command Megazord to destroy Newtech City?

Episode 18: Samurai

When Emperor Gruumm brings an alien samurai named Katana from the past, Commander Cruger sends B-Squad to Kyoto, Japan to defend it from Gruumm. Doggie leaves Newtech City defenseless and brings the Delta Base to Japan and Gruumm takes advantage of this opportunity.

Episode 19: Dismissed

When Supreme Commander Birdie comes to Earth and takes over S.P.D. Headquarters after relieving Cruger of duty, Emperor Gruumm arrives on Earth looking for Commander Cruger. Do the Power Rangers have what it takes to handle Gruumm, or will Commander Birdie be the downfall of S.P.D.?

Episode 20: Perspective

The satellite surveillance goes down when the Rangers go into battle, and Commander Cruger asks the Rangers to tell him what happened. Everyone has a different story and lets their egos get the best of them, but will he ever find out what really happened?

Episode 21: Messenger, Part 1

Episode 22: Messenger, Part 2

As the Rangers receive a warning from the future, Morgana joins a pair of her most powerful allies when she decides to destroy Earth personally. The mysterious Omega Ranger from the future must help the Power Rangers when they are at the brink of defeat.

Episode 23: Zapped

Morgana gives a down and out magician named Mysticon a magic wand in exchange for his help in destroying the Power Rangers. Meanwhile the Rangers are jealous of Commander Cruger giving too much attention to Sam.

Episode 24: Reflection, Part 1

Episode 25: Reflection, Part 2

An amazing new weapon - the S.P.D. Battlizer is needed when a copycat criminal named Slate strikes Newtech City. Sky struggles with the memory of losing his father and comes face to face with Mirloc the villain responsible.

Episode 26: S.W.A.T., Part 1

Episode 27: S.W.A.T., Part 2

Piggy and two of his friends steal S.P.D. technology while the Rangers bickering causes Cruger to send them to Zentor to train for S.W.A.T. Mode. Under the command of a Sergeant Silverback, the Rangers must learn to work as a team before they can earn the powerful new S.W.A.T. Mode upgrade.

Episode 28: Robotpalooza

The Rangers nearly reach their breaking point when both Gruumm and Broodwing send robot after robot to attack the city. Meanwhile, Bridge can't seem to stay awake due to psychic dreams of a battle that hasn't happened yet.

Episode 29: Katastrophe

Kat is offered a top level position at Galaxy Command and decides to take it. Meanwhile, an old classmate named Mooney creates a dangerous weapon and Kat seems to be the only one who can stop him.

Episode 30: Missing

When the Rangers are searching for intergalactic felon - Bork, Bridge goes missing. The Power Rangers must stop Bork and find Bridge and save him from meeting certain doom before it's too late.

Episode 31: History

Broodwing uses the Dino Gems to bring the Dino Rangers to the future where they meet the S.P.D. Rangers. Cruger insists that the Dino Rangers remain in the Delta Base to avoid problems with the timeline, but when Emperor Gruumm launches his biggest attack yet, the S.P.D. Rangers may be in over their heads.

Episode 32: Wormhole

Gruumm travels into the past and recruits Zeltrax in his plan to conquer Earth before the formation of S.P.D. The S.P.D. Rangers must follow him and team up with the Dino Rangers in order to stop them before the wormhole closes and they're trapped in the past.

Episode 33: Impact

Broodwing's associate Professor Cerberus alters the trajectory of a meteor. Meanwhile as Jack and Sky begin to learn how to work together, the Power Rangers find themselves up against a more powerful Dragoul.

Episode 34: Badge

When an old rival of Cruger's begins stalking Rangers and stealing their badges, S.P.D. is put to the test as several Rangers are badly injured. Doggie must come to terms with memories from the past as he faces his old rival. Meanwhile, a secret resides aboard the Terror spacecraft.

Episode 38: Insomnia

B-Squad relive memories of their past failures after they overhear Commander Cruger and Kat talking about how the A-Squad might have defeated Gruumm by now. Also Gruumm is up to something big and Mora comes face to face with the Magnificence.

Episode 35: Resurrection

Jack spends some time away from the academy with a girl named Ally who shares his interest in helping the homeless. When a new associate of Broodwing's attacks, it seems that this new relationship may be affecting his duties as a Power Ranger. Also a distress call reveals the location of a crashed spaceship.

Episode 36: Endings, Part 1

Episode 37: Endings, Part 2

When Commander Cruger is taken hostage by the A-Squad, the B-Squad must come to his rescue. The B-Squad must face their much more experienced superiors in an ultimate showdown. Meanwhile, Broodwing has invaded the Delta Base and Gruumm has given Omni the power to destroy the Earth.