Episode 1: Prelude To A Storm

When an exiled evil ninja master returns to Earth to take control, three misfit students from the Wind Ninja Academy are given Morphers to become Power Rangers and defend the planet.


While trying to battle a monster on his own, Shane learns that he has to trust his teammates and rely on their help to battle evil.


Marah and Kapri create a clone of Tori, which attempts to infiltrate Ninja Ops. The real Tori stops her, and the Rangers destroy Lothor's latest monster - Copybot.

Episode 4: Looming Thunder

Dustin's teammates worry about him when he spends too much time at the track with his new friends Hunter and Blake. He finally comes to his senses, and plays a key part in defeating Lothor's latest monster - the Terra Mole.




Thunder Rangers finally strike, defeating the Wind Rangers with their own Tsunami Cycles and Zords. When Blake is injured protecting Tori, she takes him to Ninja Ops. With their location discovered, the Thunder Rangers infiltrate their headquarters and kidnap Sensei, blaming him for the death of their parents. The Thunder Rangers finally learn that it was actually Lothor who killed their parents, and leave his side.

Episode 8: Nowhere To Grow

Seeking to play a more active role in the adventures of the Rangers, Cam sets out to help defeat Lothor's latest plant based creature.


Tori goes on a quest to retrieve the Turtle Mace Power Sphere, which the Rangers later use to destroy the Snipster monster.





While infiltrating Lothor's ship, the Thunder Rangers are captured and turned against the Wind Rangers, who already have their hands full battling Toxipod. Choobo sabotages the battle, disabling the Zords, and teleporting the Wind and Thunder Rangers to a deserted island, where they continue their battle, face a resurrected Super Toxipod. The Thunder Rangers are eventually brought back to their senses, and help the Rangers destroy Toxipod and leave the island. They later battle and defeat a banished Choobo, who attacked them to get revenge.

Episode 14: Boxing Bopp-A-Roo

Shane and Hunter must learn to work together to defeat Lothor's latest monster, the Boxing Bop-A-Roo.

Episode 15: Pork Chopped

General Trayf captures the Thunder Rangers, and lures the Wind Rangers into his dimension. They defeat him with the Storm Striker and the Storm Megazord, and the Thunder Rangers free themselves from captivity.




After Madtropolis drains the Rangers powers, Cam travels back in time to retrieve a power source that can save them. In the past, he retrieves his mother's green amulet, and a has a hand in the creation of Lothor. Cam returns to present day and destroys Madtropolis as the Green Samurai Ranger. All six Rangers must then unite to defeat an army of five monsters.

Episode 19: Scent Of A Ranger

duplicate Cam created to help out at Ninja Ops tries to take over, and nearly costs the Rangers a battle against Fragra, who turns Dustin and Tori into bottles of perfume.

Episode 20: I Love Lothor

Lothor creates a television show to brainwash viewers, but it's director Mr. Ratwell is destroyed by a love struck Cam and Blake.

Episode 21: Good Will Hunter

young boy gets a hold of the Personal Alien Manager, and unwittingly unleashes havoc on the city by tinkering with it.

Episode 22: All About Beevil

Marah earns Dustin's trust and uses him in her plot to have her friend Beevil destroy the Rangers.

Episode 23: Sensei Switcheroo

Sensei switches bodies with both Shane and Dustin, and helps the Rangers defeat the new monster Footzilla.

Episode 24: Tongue and Cheek

Dustin's fame as the Yellow Ranger gets to his head, causing a rift between him and Shane. They eventually make peace with each other and defeat Lothor's latest monster Slob Goblin.

Episode 25: Brothers In Arms

motocross mechanic's experiment goes haywire, and wreaks havoc as Motodrone. Hunter defeats him with his new Ninja Glider Cycle.

Episode 26: Shane's Karma, Part 1

Episode 27: Shane's Karma, Part 2

An alien being who Shane rescued as a child returns to Earth to give him special powers. He uses these powers to summon the Battlizer Armor, with which he defeats a bounty hunter after the alien - Vexacus.



When an ancient being called Shimazu returns and unleashes powerful monsters on the city, Cam makes a journey to find the Lightning Riff Blaster, which summons the Mighty Mammoth Zord to help the Rangers destroy the monsters.

Episode 30: The Wild Wipeout

Tori is transported to another dimension where the Rangers are evil. She joins forces with Lothor and his forces to defeat the Rangers and restore peace to the city.

Episode 31: Double-Edged Blake

Blake recalls his ninja training with a special weapon from his Sensei to defeat the new inflatron monster.

Episode 32: Eye Of The Storm

When the Eyesac monster strikes, the Rangers overcome their fears and defeat him with the new Hurricane Megazord.



Zurgane uses the Rangers' own powers against them, as he equips his new Zord with data from the Power Spheres. The Rangers destroy it by combining the Hurricane Megazord with the Mighty Mammoth and all of their Power Spheres. Zurgane is then destroyed by the scheming Vexacus.

Episode 35: A Gem Of A Day

Using gem of soul fragments stashed away by Hunter, Cam infiltrates Lothor's ship to free the captured ninja students. When Cam is needed back on Earth, and is found by Lothor, he is forced to give up his rescue mission.

Episode 36: Down And Dirty

Kapri, Marah and Shimazu pilot three new Zords and attack the Rangers. Using two Samurai Star drones, they destroy the Zords. Kapri and Marah then destroy Shimazu.



Lothor opens the Abyss of Evil, bringing back all of his past monsters and generals. The Rangers defeat them with the help of the freed ninja students. After losing their powers, the Wind Rangers defeat Lothor for good by using their own inner ninja powers.