Episode 1: A Friend In Need, Part 1

Episode 2: A Friend In Need, Part 2

Episode 3: A Friend In Need, Part 3

From his evil palace, Lord Zedd observes the attack on the planet Edenoi by the evil Count Dregon. Meanwhile, the Rangers plan to teleport to the planet. When they arrive, they find themselves embroiled in the attack and in the presence of strange alien life forms and one very mysterious and powerful being. Kimberly continues to battle Repellitor while the other Rangers continue their fight with the Plague Patrol and the Masked Rider battles the Cogwarts. This setback outrages Count Dregon. Meanwhile, Zedd makes his monster grow and it's up to Kimberly to devise a plan.

Episode 4: Ninja Quest, Part 1

Episode 5: Ninja Quest, Part 2

Episode 6: Ninja Quest, Part 3

Episode 7: Ninja Quest, Part 4

The kids play volleyball against Stone Canyon when suddenly the Earth shakes mysteriously. Everyone feels it--even Rita and Lord Zedd. An evil new monster has just arrived with his own team of terrors--a threat thwarted only by the Power Rangers.

Episode 8: A Brush With Destiny

Kimberly has a bad dream about moving to Paris. Meanwhile, Finster creates a device to watch Kimberly's dreams. Then, Zedd sends the Tengas to battle the Rangers.

Episode 9: Passing The Lantern

Adam receives a special gift: a paper lantern. Then, Billy and Adam learn of the lantern's powers. But, Lord Zedd has plans of his own when he sends Rito to steal the lantern.

Episode 10: Wizard For A Day

Rocky joins the faculty at Angel Grove High. This gives Lord Zedd a most diabolical idea. Meanwhile, as Rocky struggles with his new role, the Rangers struggle with the Tengas and a new evil monster that poses more Power Ranger danger.

Episode 11: Fourth Down And Long

It's football season at the evil palace so Lord Zedd creates a special monster to play offense against the Rangers.

Episode 12: Stop The Hate Master, Part 1

Episode 13: Stop The Hate Master, Part 2

Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa create the evil Hate Master. The Hate Master is sent to spread hate everywhere. Meanwhile, the kids are attacked by Tengas and the Hate Master places the Rangers under his spell.

Episode 14: Final Face-Off

The kids learn the legend of the Face Stealer and so does Rita. Then, our heroes discover Rita's evil plan. Next, they tangle with the Tengas. While the Rangers battle the birds, Rito and his buddies steal the Face Stealer and take him to Rita.

Episode 15: The Potion Notion

Love is in the air and in the universe when Zedd surprises Rita with a second honeymoon. Then, Rito sends a monster with a love potion to Angel Grove where things get really strange.

Episode 16: I'm Dreaming of a White Ranger

On Christmas Eve, Zedd and Rita send their troops to the North Pole to capture Santa Claus and his elves thus preventing Santa from delivering his Christmas presents.

Episode 17: A Ranger Catastrophe, Part 1

Episode 18: A Ranger Catastrophe, Part 2

Kimberly and Aisha find a stray cat which leaves Rita purring with delight. Then, Rito is sent to the animal shelter where Aisha volunteers. Summoning their ninja powers, the Rangers must face off with Rito and the Tengas as Aisha's stray cat watches from the window. But, this is no ordinary cat as our heroes begin to understand.

Episode 19: Changing Of The Zords, Part 1

Episode 20: Changing Of The Zords, Part 2

Episode 21: Changing Of The Zords, Part 3

Kimberly invites Katherine to join the gang. Meanwhile, Finster informs his command that he's found the long-lost fighting force. At the lake, Katherine gets her orders to get a power coin. While our heroes battle Tengas on the beach, Katherine is obedient and steals Kimberly's power coin.

Episode 22: Follow That Cab!

A crime is committed in broad daylight so Bulk, Skull, and Kimberly take a cab to follow the culprit. But, Lord Zedd makes a few changes and our heroes get the news from Zordon. At the Command Center, the Power Rangers are presented with all new Shark Cycles.

Episode 23: A Different Shade Of Pink, Part 1

Episode 24: A Different Shade Of Pink, Part 2

Episode 25: A Different Shade Of Pink, Part 3

Kimberly meets a famous gymnastics coach who offers to work with her. Rita plans to defeat the Power Rangers by attacking Angel Grove while Kimberly trains. Our heroes must battle Rita's monster without the Pink Ranger. And, Kimberly is faced with a tough decision.

Episode 26: Rita's Pita

Tommy works up an appetite. And, Rita has a recipe for evil. So, she shrinks the Ravenator and sends him to amplify Tommy's appetite.

Episode 27: Another Brick In The Wall

Katherine leads her friends in a project to help the homeless. But, Rita and Rito have a project of their own. Then, the Tengas undo the kids work and place Katherine in danger.

Episode 28: A Chimp In Charge

The kids make a new friend and Lord Zedd makes a new plan to use the chimp for his own evil purposes. While our heroes battle the Tenga Warriors, Finster tries to turn the little chimp into a monster. But, Lord Zedd finishes the job and his new creature attacks Angel Grove.

Episode 29: Master Vile And The Metallic Armor, Part 1

Episode 30: Master Vile And The Metallic Armor, Part 2

Episode 31: Master Vile And The Metallic Armor, Part 3

The Earth shakes and so does Rita and Zedd's palace with the arrival of one very evil visitor. Now, they must unravel the mystery of Master Vile's plan and prepare for their biggest battle yet.

Episode 32: The Sound Of Dischordia

Aisha and Katherine write a song for school. And, Master Vile has a song too, when he calls upon the evil Dischordia, who casts a spell on the girls to change their tune.


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