Episode 1: Believe It or Not

Mayor Daniels has been leading a global campaign to introduce Morph-X as a new fuel for the planet and everything has been quiet. However, when Steel finds evidence that proves Evox may have returned, the Rangers struggle to believe whether the Silver Ranger has created a conspiracy or not. A trip to the woods eventually proves Steel right, as the Rangers discover Scrozzle and a new Drilltron stealing Morph-X from underground.

Episode 2: Save Our Shores

A shipping accident creates an environmental hazard when trash washes into a coral reef, posing a serious threat to all the marine wildlife there. Roxy asks her aunt, the head of the shipping company responsible, to help by funding money to a rescue center, but she and Blaze get trapped. After stealing their DNA, Scrozzle helps Evox by bringing back the evil Blaze and Roxy Avatars as robots.

Episode 3: Game On!

Devon makes it to the finals of a new video game championship, but is baffled when his controller mysteriously malfunctions and his opponent Kerry nearly wins. Suddenly, Robo-Blaze and Robo-Roxy appear and steal Kerry's controller to create a new Robotron capable of creating evil clones of the Rangers. Devon becomes even more conflicted when Kerry approaches the Rangers and reveals the controller has a bug that carried over to the Robotron; a bug she used to cheat. Meanwhile, Evox is revealed to have secretly taken over Mayor Daniels.

Episode 4: Artist Anonymous

The entire city is enraptured by a stunning mural painted by a mystery artist, who the other Rangers realize is Ravi. Ravi refuses to reveal himself as he is still hiding his passion from his mother, Commander Shaw. Nate insists that Ravi should tell the truth to get it over with, but before he can, someone else takes credit for it and the next mural they paint will be on the walls of Grid Battleforce.

Episode 5: Cruisin' for a Bruisin'

After Cruise demonstrates his skills by outperforming the Rangers during target practice, Devon decides to have him help in battle, much to Nate and the others' concerns. Despite doing well, Cruise ends up being digitized by Digitron. Wanting to save his friend, Devon gets the idea to have the Rangers combine with their Beast Bots to create a new, upgraded form, but he needs to get his friend back first.

Episode 6: The Blame Game

Steel learns the concept of discipline, but takes it too far, putting one of the Beast Morpher Rangers in real danger.

Episode 7: Beast King Rampage

Rehired by General Burke, Megan makes an unceremonious return to Grid Battleforce to demonstrate the newest weapon in their arsenal: the Beast-X King Zord. However, Evox already has plans set up to hijack it. Now, Devon and Cruise must find a way to tame the Zord before it destroys everything as Megan works to redeem herself to Zoey and Nate.

Episode 8: Secret Struggle

Steel learns that Nate and Zoey have feelings for each other and tries to bring them together despite the strict Grid Battleforce rule that forbid relationships between Rangers. After stopping what they think was Robo-Roxy's attempt to kidnap the Mayor, he is given a protection detail at all times; forcing Evox to find a way to escape his protectorate before he runs out of energy and his secret is exposed.

Episode 9: The Evox Snare

Grid Battleforce shuts down the Morph-X Towers in order to lure Evox into a trap, Meanwhile, Nate finds a way to imprison Evox/Mayor Daniels until they are able to find a safe way to separate them. However, Devon does not agree with this idea and attempts to find a better way to accomplish the task by searching through Ranger history.

Episode 10: Intruder Alert!

The Rangers receive a strange message from outer space warning of an impending threat. Now, Devon must try to trust a new ally, the alien Captain Chaku, in order to save the lives of his friends.

Episode 11: The Greater Good

The Rangers join forces with Chaku to stop the impending threat and help him get back home again to be with his family.

Episode 12: Finders Keepers

Zoey accidentally captures an innocent after mistaking them for a foe and the situation goes out of control as Evox's forces strike at the same time. Now, the Rangers must join forces with another team to defeat newly resurrected old foes and save the innocent from their capture.

Episode 13: Grid Connection

Devon becomes dismissive just as a new threat emerges, so now he must get the help of an experienced legend to destroy Evox's newest recruits and his latest creation.

Episode 14: Golden Opportunity

Nate is reunited with his parents after a long time, but his excitement takes a turn when they give him a compelling and difficult choice. Meanwhile, Robo-Roxy takes the opportunity to upgrade herself to prove her worth to Evox.

Episode 15: Goin? Ape

Ravi and Roxy's anniversary goes sideways when a misunderstanding gets out of control.

Episode 16: The Silva Switch

Following an accident, Nate and Steel accidentally swap bodies. Meanwhile, Robo-Blaze and Robo-Roxy enter an arms race to continue proving their usefulness to Evox.

Episode 17: Fossil Frenzy

Zoey accidentally destroys her brother's chance for a scholarship and goes to extraordinary lengths to fix her mistake. Meanwhile, Robo-Roxy upgrades herself even further.

Episode 18: Crunch Time

Devon falls victim to a bad influence, unknowingly straining his relationship with Cruise. Meanwhile, Evox attacks the Rangers with his latest creation and initiates his ultimate plan.

Episode 19: Source Code

Nate makes a horrifying discovery and struggles to cope with the consequences. Now, he must rely on the wisdom and moral support of someone who has been through a similar event. Meanwhile, Evox initiates the next phase of his plan to gain control of the Morphin Grid.

Episode 20: Evox Unleashed

After one of their own sacrifices themselves to stop Evox, the remaining members of Grid Battleforce must band together and defeat Evox once and for all.

Special: Boxed In

The Pan Global Games have arrived in Coral Harbor, but their duties prevent the Rangers from attending any of the events.

Special: Making Bad

Evox adds a new villain to his ranks and commands his minions to find the evilest villain of all. Meanwhile, the Rangers learns that a Robotron is committing a series of robberies across Coral Harbor and investigates the matter.