Loyax' Last Battle
Airdate: November 01, 1999

The Rangers relax in the Mountain Dome. Damon and Maya show off their moves by sparring against each other. Maya performs impressively, taking Damon down.
An aging warrior named Loyax comes to the Scorpion Stinger with a request for Trakeena - to fight a worthy opponent as his last battle. Trakeena sends him to battle the Power Rangers.
Loyax starts trouble on the station, drawing the Rangers. Maya is the first to charge into battle. Loyax knocks her aside, dismissing her as a weak girl, and battles the rest of the team.
Slightly offended, Maya grabs a hold of Loyax while his back is turned, and flips him over the cliff. She ends up going down with him though. They both end up lost in the caves by the ocean.
Maya is unable to walk, and Loyax has poor eyesight. He suggests that they team up to get out. Maya accepts, and the two make it out of the cave.
Once they are out, Loyax drops her to the ground, and prepares to once again battle her, although he is disappointed that his final battle will be with a girl.
Deviot appears, bringing some Sting Wingers with him, to make sure Loyax defeats Maya.
Loyax wants a fair one on one fight, and when the Sting Wingers attack Maya, he defends her.
They manage to escape, and Loyax once again demands to fight Maya. He tells Maya of a time when he used to be good, fighting evil around the galaxy until it overwhelmed and corrupted him.
She tries to appeal to his good side, and bring him back. Loyax persists - evil is as evil does, and he cannot become good again. Maya reluctantly morphs, and battles Loyax.
Meanwhile, the Rangers and Deviot meet, both searching for Maya. The Rangers fight him and the Sting Wingers, and then only the Wingers, as Deviot sneaks away.
Maya and loyax battle fiercely, but in the end, Maya is victorious. She offers her hand to the fallen warrior, and gives him another chance to come back to the side of good.
As Loyax rises, the back stabbing Deviot shoots him with a dart which makes him grow, and places Loyax under his control.
The Rangers finish off the Sting Wingers and catch up with Maya, and they bring out the Galaxy Megazord to try and stop an out of control Loyax.
The Galaxy Megazord fires a blast that destroys the device controlling Loyax. Loyax comes to his senses, and diverts his attacks to the onlooking Deviot.
No longer in control, Deviot activates his fail-safe, and remotely detonates the device which once controlled Loyax.
Loyax falls, and he is destroyed. He has fought his last battle, and rediscovered his good side, thanks to Maya.
Maya mourns the loss of Loyax, and sticks his sword into the sand, as the Rangers walk off into the sunset.
  • With the usual villain life spans being in the thousands, even tens of thousands, its surprising that Loyax was young only "centuries ago", and is now an old man.
  • We need to see more Magna Defender, fast.
  • Even the ocean dome has an artifical sun, complete with solar cycles?
  • All of these villains are mysteriously popping up. They can't be from this universe, are they popping out of the lost galaxy?