Grunchor On The Loose
Airdate: November 15, 1999

The wascally wabbit Grunchorburrows underground, wreaking havoc throughout Terra Venture.
Leo does his best Ninja Turtle impression, but find no sign of Grunchor, or Master Splinter.
Deviot is revealed to be working for Mutiny now. He commands a team of Swabbies to prepare Grunchor's new diet, which will give him more power.
The Rangers battle the Swabbies, and eventually get to Deviot, knocking him on his back, and taking his Grunchor scanner from him.
Leo interrogates Deviot for info on beating Grunchor. "I've cut off the flow of blood to your head. You have 10 seconds to talk.." He finds out that fire is Grunchor's weakness.
Meanwhile, Barbarax is leading his own group of Swabbies to bring Grunchor to the surface and destroy the Rangers once and for all. He strikes the ground with his axe, causing massive tremors.
The Rangers show up, and so does Grunchor! Barbarax kindly leaves his friends to get acquainted.
They know his weakness - the Rangers channel their power through Leo, who delivers a mega-sized fire blast.
The blast only gets Grunchor hot and bothered, and he grows into a gruesome giant.
Leo channels his fire power into the Galaxy Megazord Saber and slashes, but Grunchor shrugs it off.
Centaurus and Stratoforce are called to join in the fun, but they get a major beat down by the Grunch with punch.
A la Rita Repulsa, Mutiny levitates his castle and attaches it to Grunchor to give him more power.
With a circular charge up, Torozord delivers his special axe slash. It has no effect, and Torozord is knocked clear.
It's all or nothing - all of the Rangers combine their powers and channel it through Leo's controls.
Centaurus and Stratoforce follow suit, and they give Galaxy Megazord their power as well.
The resulting blast of fire power proves to be enough to completely disintegrate Grunchor.
Mutiny is a bit peeved at this turn of events, and takes it out on his crew. He needs more slaves - lots of them. Has he tried e-bay?
Kai reports that they can no longer detect Mutiny's planet. Leo has a plan- "we have got to get out of this lost galaxy." Ask for directions?
  • Did Mutiny know of Trakeena before meeting Deviot? He probably shouldn't, since he is from the lost galaxy. Perhaps Deviot gave him some background info on her, or perhaps he knows something of outside events in the lost galaxy. We'll have to see if Trakeena knows him. Maybe Mutiny also got trapped in the lost galaxy sometime ago, and has since taken over a planet, and collected slaves to contruct a device that will allow him to escape this place.
  • OK, so Deviot used a scanner, not a remote, but he still has this thing for hand held devices. Someone get him a Palm Pilot.