Journey's End, Part 3
Airdate: December 18, 1999

Trakeena uses the coccoon, and emerges as a slimy insectoid monster.
Down on the new world, the Rangers continue searching for Leo.
Leo finds the Scorpion Stinger, and follows Trakeena's slime trail all the way to the city dome.
Trakeena spikes her staff into the ground, energizing everything, and powering up the city dome.
The city dome lifts off, and heads for the new world to destroy the camp set up by the people.
Leo finds Trakeena, and the two battle it out. Leo is no match against Trakeena's new powers.
When the Rangers find out that Leo is in the city dome, they fly there on the Jammers and help him fight Trakeena.
They unleash the Quasar Launchers, but they are of no use - Trakeena easily deflects the blast back at them.
Maya and Karone grab a hold of Trakeena and set her up for an attack by Leo in his Capsular Cycle. The attack tosses Trakeena aside, but she is still not down.
Leo puts on his armor and grabs Trakeena with a claw. He pulls her in close and fires at point blank range. The explosion seemingly destroys both Trakeena and the Red Ranger.
The Rangers think Leo has been killed, but he crawls out of the wreckage to give his friends a thumbs up.
The city dome is still headed for the camp on the new world, and the Rangers have no idea how to stop it!
The Galaxy Megazord finally appears, and steers the city dome away from a collision course with the camp. It crashes in the distance, and explodes.
Just as the people begin to think that the Rangers are dead, they emerge from the smoke with their Galactabeasts, alive and kicking.
As the Rangers head towards camp, the people run towards the Rangers, and congratulate their saviors on a job well done.
The Galactabeasts call the Rangers into the forest, where Maya makes a surprising discovery - they have landed on Mirinoi!
With their quest completed, the Rangers find the stone and the place the Quasar Sabers back into it.
The energy from the Sabers restores the people of Mirinoi, who had been previously turned to stone by Furio.
That's not all - Kendrix has miraculously returned! She thanks Karone for filling in for her.
Everyone celebrates under the fireworks, even the Galactabeasts. A new world, a new beginning.
  • I'm glad the Galactabeasts finally decided to show up!
  • Hello? .. Lights of Orion?
  • The city dome should have caused much more destruction than that when it crashed. Anyone see Armageddon ?
  • The fight scene against Trakeena was awesome. It reminded me of Mortal Kombat and The Matrix.
  • Guess the rumors were true - Kendrix is back, and the new world is Mirinoi.
  • I wish they had explained how Kendrix was able to return. Did she really even die in the first place? Was she in the Quasar Saber?
  • I also wish they had explained how most of Mirinoi was able to revert back to normal from its stone state.
  • Alpha mysteriously disappeared towards the end. He was not in the crowd, and I would have thought he would be with the Rangers when they return the Sabers.
  • And so we pause, to reflect on our departed friends and enemies. Let's take a death toll of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.
    Magna Defender
    The Guardian
    Captain Mutiny
    Stratoforce Megazord
    Centaurus Megazord
  • And coming close, but not quite there, are Zenith and Kegler, who were not accounted for, and Mike and Kendrix, who were only thought dead.