Pyramidas is summoned by the Gold Ranger into battle. This giant pyramid is capable of interstellar flight, and can fire golden lightning bolts. Pyramidas can also combine with the Zeo Zords and Red Battlezord to form the Zeo Ultrazord, the ultimate in Zeo firepower. When Gold Ranger returned to his home planet, he took Pyramidas with him.
Zeo Ultrazord carrier mode
Pyramidas can merge with the other zords either by transforming into a rolling carrier with the Zords on top. They all combine their firepower for a devastating attack.
Zeo Ultrazord warrior mode
Pyramidas can also merge with the Zeo Zords by transforming into warrior mode, which places the Zeo Zords inside chambers within Pyramidas, and Red Battlezord on top to form the shoulder cannons.