Full Name: Rocky DeSantos
Ranger Designation: Zeo Ranger III - Blue
Weapons: Zeo Pistol, Zeo Blade, Axes
Gear: Wrist Communicator, Zeonizer with Zeo Crystal, Blue Zeo Jet Cycle
Zords: Zeo Zord Three, Super Zeo Zord Three
The Blue Zeo sub-crystal found its way into a volcano in Mexico, endangering the people who lived nearby by making it unstable. Upon his arrival in Mexico, Rocky asked a boy named Pablo DeSantos to lead him to the volcano. Once there, Rocky climbed in and retrieved the Blue crystal, saving the village, and bringing the Zeo Crystal one step closer to completion. After sustaining a back injury, Rocky gave his place on the team to young martial artist Justin, who became the Blue Turbo Ranger.