Monsters Page 2

This nameless monster is one of Mora's drawings that were sent to attack the Power Rangers and cries when he loses. He was captured by the Delta Runners.
"Shadow, Part 1"
General Benaag
General Benaag is one of Gruumm's most powerful warriors and led the attack on Sirius when it was conquered. Doggie's wife Aisynia was last seen in his custody, but a judgement scan says he didn't kill her. General Benaag is contained by the Shadow Saber and taken into custody by the Shadow Ranger.
"Shadow, Parts 1 & 2"
Drakel is a Vampiranoid and can't stand the intensity of sunlight. Drakel battles a legendary wizard named Baskin to steal an evil stone, which gives him enough power that not even the sunlight effects him. However, the evil's power is too much and the Power Rangers bring him down with the Canine Cannon.
Valko is a warrior with a reputation for destruction. Mora recruits him and he tries to gain control of a powerful cyborg named Goradon. He tries to infiltrate the Delta Base in order to capture S.O.P.H.I.E. a cyborg with a program capable of controlling Goradon. His plans are brought to a halt when Sophie escapes, and the Shadow Ranger contains him with the Shadow Saber.
"Wired, Parts 1 & 2"
Tomars agrees to help Morgana get rid of the Power Rangers, so she doesn't vaporize him. He uses his laptop, which controls a transdimensional teleporter. He uses it to teleport Jack and Sky aboard his teleporter, but his plan is foiled when they escape. When he tries to follow them through the computer system, he is deleted. Tomars is later cloned by Slate and Morgana, but is destroyed by the S.P.D. Battlizer.
"Boom" & "Reflection, Part 1"
Wootox is an alien that needs a translator to speak English. He also has the ability to switch bodies, and uses it to switch places with the Blue Ranger. He searches out the controls to the Delta Command Megazord and tries to use it to attack Newtech City, but the Shadow Ranger stops him. Wootox is discovered and the Blue Ranger takes his body back. The Rangers contain him with the Canine Cannon.
Katana is an alien whose ship crashed in Kyoto Japan many years ago. He was found by a samurai and trained to protect it from invaders. He is brought to the future through a time portal by Emperor Gruumm and is startled by the changes. Broodwing convinces him that the Power Rangers are his enemies, but he battles the Red Ranger and decides that he is an honorable fighter. Katana decides to return to the past through another time portal.
Invador attacks Newtech City with his giant robot, but he is intercepted by the Power Rangers and their Delta Squad Megazord, which destroys his robot, and he is contained.