Monsters Page 3

Changtor causes trouble at the beach and the Pink and Yellow Rangers are sent to bring him in. He grows into a giant, but is brought in by the Delta Squad Megazord.
Green Eyes
Green Eyes tries to rob the world's gold depository, but is stopped by the Power Rangers. He kidnaps the guard and sends Krybots to attack the Rangers, but they stop him. In a last effort, he calls upon a giant robot, but is brought down by the Delta Squad Megazord.
Shorty is one of the most wanted criminals in the galaxy. He is called upon by Morgana to teamup to take over Earth. They are soon joined by Shorty's brother Devastation. Shorty grows into a giant when attacked by the Canine Cannon. He is destroyed by a mysterious new Omega Megazord.
"Messenger, Parts 1 & 2"
Devastation is the galaxy's most wanted criminal. He comes to Earth to help his brother Shorty destroy the Power Rangers, but he did not plan on the arrival of the Omega Ranger. He uses his fury circle to attack the Rangers, and in the process intentionally injures Morgana. The Omega Ranger takes him down with the Omega Morpher. Devastation pilots the Robot of Destruction, which is destroyed by the Delta Squad Megazord driving the Omegamax Cycle. Devastation is later cloned by Slate and Morgana, but is destroyed by the S.P.D. Battlizer.
"Messenger, Parts 1 & 2" & "Reflection, Part 1"
Mysticon is a magician, but does a bad job at it until Morgana appears and gives him a magic wand with the agreement that one day he will return the favor. Mysticon turns his assistant Al invisible to rob banks, but when he is captured he tips off S.P.D. Mysticon tries to capture a scientist for Gruumm named Dr. Helan Tyler Jones and even puts Syd under a magic spell, but the Power Rangers foil his plans. In a last ditch effort, he pilots a giant robot from Broodwing, but that is destroyed by the Deltamax Megazord.
Al is the assistant of the great Mysticon. When Morgana gives Mysticon a magic want that changes Al invisible, he uses his new found ability to rob banks. Unfortunately for him, the Power Rangers show up and arrest him. Five of the Rangers interrogate him, but the Green Ranger annoys him so bad that he cracks and tells them everything he knows.
Slate is a copycat criminal that can mimic any monsters form with DNA aquired from Broodwing. Slate mimics Rhinix, Bugglesworth, Hydrax, Tomars, Sinuku, and Devastation. He also has his own giant robot, which is destroyed by the Delta Squad Megazord. Morgana uses her power to clone Slate into the six past monsters he was mimicing. With the help of Morgana, the monster squad takes down the Rangers. That is until the Red Ranger calls upon the S.P.D. Battlizer and contains Slate by destroying all of his clones.
"Reflection, Part 1"
Mirloc is held in a high security prison on '' with no reflective surfaces since he can use them to escape. The S.P.D. Blue Ranger comes to interrogate him for information about a copycat criminal named Slate. Mirloc fills him in, but gets him into telling his saddest story. He tells them about his father the first S.P.D. Red Ranger, who was killed protecting the innocent. Mirloc uses the Sky's tears to escape, and laughs knowing that he was the one responsible for his father's death. Mirloc uses his mirror to capture five of the Rangers for Gruumm, but the Omega Ranger destroys the mirror, which releases his captives. Sky becomes the Red Ranger and uses the Battlizer bring Mirloc in. He is sent to Verinox 12, where there isn't any sunlight, so no reflections to escape.
"Reflection, Parts 1 & 2"