Dillon, Ranger Black
Full Name: Unrevealed
Ranger Designation: Ranger Black
Weapons: Nitro Blaster
Gear: Rev Morpher
Zords: Wolf Cruiser, Croc Carrier
Dillon started out his journey as a wanderer, he has no memory of his past and has Venjix hardware grafted inside of him to upgrade him. He does have some dreams that might be memories. He has super-human abilities and relaxes. He has a large car that he wandered around in throughout the desert in search of Cornith. He can take the Grinders by himself. He was assaulted by Ziggy to steal the car, but in the end, Ziggy and Dillon headed to Cornith and dealt with Venjix's army that guarded the outside. Once inside, the Grinders entered the city and were aerially assaulted, so the Power Rangers were called. Dillon saved Summer from a cannon shooting at her and she spoke to him privately when he was arrested for infiltrating the city and having Venjix hardware. Because of his heroics, bravery and abilities, he was asked to join the Power Rangers. As Ranger Black, he has a five-second invisibility shield burst, which Dillon had to master and have faith in the field.

The Venjix hardware was slowly taking over Dillon's body, he would no longer have control of it. Venjix sent Tenaya to accelerate the virus with a device from an Attack Bot. Dillon was a mindless drone until the Rangers took off the device. Dillon carried around a musical locket that had a key that activated a tune. He heard Gem and Gemma singing this same tune, they explained that when they were prisoners, a young blind woman was humming it. The woman said the tune was from a locket that her grandfather gave her brother. Dillon went to the warehouse were they were held but it wasn't easy. The Rangers managed to help the prisoners of the warehouse escape and use Venjix's doombot as a zord, but all Dillon found was a key. After a long while of not being able to figure out what to do with the key, he put the two keys together into the locket and it played a familiar tune... the tune that Tenaya often whistles.

Dillon couldn't believe he was Tenaya's brother, but he believed it faster than Tenaya did. She even almost fell hanging from a bridge and she trusted him to save her. She later went to the Venjix base and found out she was really his sister, with hybrid contacts for her to see. Tenaya helped the Rangers and was kidnapped by Kilobyte and reprogrammed as Tenaya 15, erasing her memories. She then stole a device, gave it to Venjix and he sent her to activate all the Hybrids in Corinth. When this was done, Dillon fought it and didn't give in to it. Dillon arrived to the base to only find Venjix destroying it. When Venjix left him on the floor, he found the antidote and injected himself, breaking off the virus. Kilobyte tried to delete Tenaya, Dillon saved her by injecting her with Dr. K's antidote. Dillon ended up in a coma, Kilobyte was destroyed and Tenaya wanted to stay by his side. Flynn convinced her to go to the tower that Venjix had taken over, she was in danger with General Crunch and Dillon came to the rescue. Dillon and Tenaya escaped the tower with the emergency parachute as the tower fell on Venjix. After Venjix was defeated, Dillon cruised the world with his favorite women Tenaya and Summer in his car.