Scott Truman, Ranger Red
Full Name: Scott Truman
Ranger Designation: Ranger Red
Weapons: Nitro Blaster, Street Saber
Gear: Cell Shift Morpher
Zords: Eagle Racer, Paleozord
A former military pilot, with the codename of Eagle 2, Scott barely survived Venjix's forces and the closing Corinth gate to enter the city of Corinth. His father Colonel Mason Truman, who he sadly revealed to that his brother Marcus, Eagle 1, had not made it. Scott was later made leader of the Power Rangers a year later. His brother had selected him to be in second-in-command and put it in a recommendation that Scott found a year later and gave to his father. Mason loves his son but believes he is not ready for certain things and protects him by ordering him not to do things. Scott defies him in order to help his team and preserving his brother's memory. As Ranger Red, he can channel the bio-energy and conduct a 3-second burst attack. One time Gem got a medal and Scott was ignored by his father, he rashly went out into the wastelands. Gem followed him and they ended up saving prisoners, causing Mason to give him a medal. Scott refused the medal, saying he did wrong by disobeying his father. Later on, when General Shifter was on a rampage, he planted a gear into Scott to control his actions. Quickly, Scott was able to escape it. When the hybrids were activated throughout the city of Corinth, Mason said Scott was in charge and trusted him. Scott personally physically fought Venjix in its final form, until Venjix was destroyed with the control tower falling on him. After Venjix was defeated and the Power Rangers were disbanded, Mason promoted Scott to leader of the Eagle Squad, in which Gem and Gema were also recruits.