Ziggy Grover, Ranger Green
Full Name: Ziggy Grover
Ranger Designation: Ranger Green
Weapons: Nitro Blaster
Gear: Rev Morpher
Zords: Tail Spinner, Croc Carrier
Ziggy is mischievous fellow that has many stories, some that may not completely true. He has a reputation that gets him in trouble most of time, he had run away from the city. At first appearance, he might seem to be out to protect one person... himself but at his heart, he means well. He threatened Dillon with a muffler in order to steal his car to go to Corinth but his bluff was called. He quickly befriended Dillon even though he annoyed him, until he was arrested for infiltrating and claimed he didn't know him. In prison, Ziggy was in danger with all the convicts out to get him but was eventually saved by Dillon. When Dillon became a Ranger, his single condition was to take Ziggy out of jail. Ziggy volunteers to audition a new Green Ranger and Tanaya 7 was chosen, without them knowing her true identity. When her identity is discovered, Ziggy is told by Dr. K to do anything in his power that the Rev Morpher didn't get into the wrong hands. This resulted in him bonding with the morpher and not going through any rigorous training, upsetting most of the team.

The reason Ziggy left the city and the criminals were upset at him was because he used to work for the Scorpion Cartel and took a stolen shipment worth five million dollars. He gave the shipment of medicine to sick children from a Orphanage and never told the Scorpion Cartel in order to protect the children. The cartel got their hands on Ziggy and he was in danger until Dr. K came to save him after being told the truth by Benny, a friend of Ziggy from within the cartels. As Ranger Green, Ziggy has the ability to teleport. Fresno Bob of the Scorpion Cartel went after Ziggy, sending his men to 'ghost' him. But when Ziggy saved Fresno Bob from the Venjix forces that betrayed him, Bob called off the hit. On Dr. K's birthday, without knowing it was her birthday, Ziggy asked everyone to go out but none wanted to or could. Dr. K agreed to go, but they were attacked by Grinders. In haste, Ziggy teleported them out of danger... and into a cave. Ziggy's morpher needed to be charged but the Rangers couldn't do so until they figured out the password to Dr. K's computer.

He entertained her with shadow puppets. She and Ziggy were almost out of oxygen when Summer figured out the password was 'Ziggy.' When everyone else asked what the password was, Summer covered for Dr. K saying it was 'Mr. Marshmallow.' After Venjix activated the Hybrids and he took over the tower, Ziggy ran to Dr. K as fast as he could. Ziggy was kidnapped along with her by Venjix and the Grinders. Ziggy was good at picking locks so he took off the shackles off him and the doctor. Back at the base, Ziggy was assigned to protect her while Dillon was in a coma and Tenaya was tapped into Venjix's main computer. After Venjix was defeated, Dr. K had no choice but to call Ziggy by his name, as he was no longer a series operator. She and Ziggy announced they would open up a school, her teaching physics and him teaching how to do shadow puppets and cooking.