Ravi Shaw, Blue Beast Morpher Ranger
Name: Ravi Shaw
Ranger Designation: Blue Beast Morpher Ranger
Arsenal: Beast-X Morpher, Beast-X Blaster, Beast-X Saber
Zords: Wheeler Zord
Ravi is a Grid Battleforce cadet and Commander Shaw’s son. He was in a romantic relationship with Roxy, but due to rules stating Rangers cannot date each other, they broke up. Ravi was the only one of the original Ranger candidates to not be corrupted by Evox. Evox attacked and made evil counterparts of the other two candidates to serve as his Rangers and avatars. Devon Daniels was able to cut off the supply before Evox could get to him. Later, to battle the evil avatars of Roxy and Blaze, the system's creator, Nate Silva, forcibly initialized Ravi’s morph, and they were able to hold back the evil avatars. Ravi takes his role seriously and values the rules of Grid Battleforce. He does not waste time and quickly adapted to his new teammates when they were forced together. He wishes to prove himself to his mother. He strictly follows the rules of Grid Battleforce, even if it breaks his heart, as with Roxy. Despite this however, he later regrets it when Roxy gets put into a coma. He is also a skilled martial artist, as it's important for his role as a Power Ranger. Ravi goes on a rampage when he is overheated due to the flaw implemented by the virus.