The Robotrons are robotic monsters created from items infected with a virus developed from Evox.
A bicycle-themed Robotron that Scrozzle created from a stack of car tires to distract the Rangers while and Cybervillain Blaze escaped with Morph-X barrels. Cycletron possesses super-speed and can shoot lasers from his fingers. He was destroyed by Devon.
A syringe/medical equipment-themed Robotron that Cybervillain Blaze created from a bicycle pump to steal Morph-X from Zoey's X-Bikes. Needletron can fire a needle blast and a weaker blue blast from his arm. While he was destroyed by Zoey, Cybervillain Blaze used his arm to continue his plot before the Rangers destroyed it too.
An excavator-themed Robotron with a shovel-like arm that Cybervillain Roxy created from an excavator to help in her plot to obtain a neural aligner and turn Ravi into an Avatar. Shoveltron can shoot lasers from his arm. He was destroyed by Zoey and Ravi.
A pizza cutter-themed Robotron that Cybervillain Blaze created from a circular saw to cut through Morph-X Towers and steal their Morph-X. Slicertron is armed with a saw arm and blades on his back, all of which are capable of slicing through anything. In addition, Slicertron can throw circular saws as projectiles. He was destroyed by Ravi and Zoey.
A fire extinguisher-themed Robotron that Scrozzle created from an acid tank he owned to accompany Cybervillain Roxy in reactivating Slicerdrone and distract the Rangers while he stole their technology. Meltatron can shoot acidic mist from his nozzle. Ravi and Zoey destroyed Meltatron, but failed to stop Scrozzle.
A train-themed Robotron the Cybervillains created from a steam locomotive to steal data on the Beast-X Megazord from the Rangers' Beast Bots. Railtron can absorb data and convert it into data disks, fire train tracks and train wheels from his chest, and enhance his arms with extra armor. He nearly succeeded, but was destroyed by the Rangers.
A vacuum cleaner-themed Robotron that was created off-screen to steal Morph-X from various sources to power Scrozzle's Cybergate as part of his plan to free Evox from the Cyber Dimension. Vacuutron can drain Morph-X with his vacuum arm and wields a staff that doubles as a blaster. He was destroyed by Nate and Steel.
An antenna/satellite dish-themed Robotron the Cybervillains created from an antenna to hack Grid Battleforce's radio frequencies so they could kidnap Steel for Evox's use. Antennatron wields an antenna-like staff in battle and can tamper with communication systems. He was destroyed by Zoey and Ravi.