Steel, Silver Beast Morpher Ranger
Name: Steel
Ranger Designation: Silver Beast Morpher Ranger
Arsenal: Striker Morpher
Zords: Jet Zord
Before he ever came to be, his head was first seen being carried away on a cart, along with Nate Silva's equipment as he had to make room for the lab. While Roxy and Meltatron were fighting the Rangers, Scrozzle stole the robot's head. Steel was forced assembled by Nate to serve as a vessel body for Evox, who was about to escape the Cyber Dimension. But, Nate made modifications in the robot and transformed him into the Gold Ranger using Mantis DNA. Due to the tests run by Nate, the robot also absorbed Human DNA from Nate and the Scarab Beetle specimen DNA and transformed into the Silver Ranger, and defeated their opponent. After the battle, he and Nate were welcomed to the Ranger team. The Beast Bot had not been given a name until he addressed himself as "Mr. Fantastic Super Handsome Strong as Steel". But Nate told him just stick with "Steel", which he agrees. teel is a very active and super confident Beast Bot. He is a self-obsessed person, often using positive adjectives for himself. Like all Beast Bots, he is a brother-figure to his Ranger Partner, Nate Silva, who always wanted one.