Zoey Reeves, Yellow Beast Morpher Ranger
Name: Zoey Reeves
Ranger Designation: Yellow Beast Morpher Ranger
Arsenal: Beast-X Morpher, Beast-X Blaster, Beast-X Saber
Zords: Chopper Zord
Zoey Reeves is a imaginative young woman who strongly believes in solving problems instead of running away from them. Despite being demoted into laundry service, she vowed to continue serving Grid Battleforce in any way she could. Zoey Reeves was cut from the program and later re-assigned to laundry service. When Evox attacked Grid Battleforce to take over the Morphin Grid, she found herself running towards danger as everyone else evacuated. She comes face to face with evil avatars of the would-be Rangers and fights them off. System creator Nate Silva forced the Yellow Ranger morph on her to give her a fighting chance. Zoey met her Beast Bot Jax and called him "cute" much to his embarrassment. Upon meeting the Beast Bots, Zoey, Devon and Ravi saw the Zords that they can use the Beast Bots as the control driver. Zoey states that she also has experience reorganizing laundry department. When Ravi goes rampage, he targets Zoey causing her to lose energy and get sent to Grid Battleforce for the weakness therapy. Zoey eat the carrot and she can regenerate her energy. Devon is froze, Zoey and Jax drives Beast Chopper Zord and attacks Cycledrone in order to unfreeze Devon. Zoey decides to make a plea to protect the forest ecosystem to the Mayor with her X-Bike. Thanks to a viral video of the Rangers on the X-Bikes, they were able to save the forest.