Electrotramp Electrotramp
Astronema sent Electrotramp to drain the Angel grove's power from a turbine at the power plant and the Rangers were saved by the Ninja Turtles. Venus de Milo kicked back Electrotramp's electric attack back at him destroying him.
"Shell Shocked"

Clawhammer Clawhammer
A giant lobster monster Astronema threatened Elgar with and then chained the rangers up, intending for him to eat them. The rangers escaped and destroyed the monster with their Astro Megazord. Clawhammer appeared again, summoned to help Destructipede.
"Satellite Search" and "The Great Evilyzer"

Voltage Hog Voltage Hog
Voltage Hog wen tp a power center to 'hog' voltage to become fully charged. He was destroyed by the Astro Megazord.
"A Ranger Among Thieves"

Elephantitan Elephantitan
Elephantitan headbutted and knocked off buildings in attempt to knock over the Professor's plutonium fuel that was in a lab. He also endangered Cassie and a boy in a building. He was destroyed Astro Megazord.
"When Push Comes to Shove"

Craterites Craterites
A computer malfunction from lighting striking the Megaship caused simulatied opponents known as the Craterities to escape from the Simudeck, a trianing simulaiton and invade the Earth disguised as humans, undetectable by the Power Rangers. A small boy was able to alert the Rangers after no one believed him.
"The Craterite Invasion"

Craterites The Craterites got together and became a monster. When a hole made into it, Craterities would fill in the hole, making him indestructable. They were finally destroyed.
"The Craterite Invasion"

Waspicable Waspicable
A sweet-natured monster bullied by Sting King to be evil and as much as he tried he couldn't. He befriended Cassie and she felt compassion for the monster after realizing she hurt his feelings. When forced to destroy Cassie, Waspicable shot a Quantron beside her. Waspicable loved flowers and returned balloons to a little girl.
"The Wasp with A Heart"

Sting King Sting King
Sting King got on Waspicable's case for not being evil. He attacked Cassie and Waspicable protected her. Sting King was destroyed by the Astro Megazord. Sting King appeared again, summoned to help Destructipede.
"The Wasp with A Heart" and "The Great Evilyzer"

Crocovile Crocovile
He came out of the Angel Grove Lake to lure the Rangers back to the Earth. The astro Megazord couldn't finish it or its partner. The Delta Megazord came in and destroyed him and his partner.
"The Delta Discovery"

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