Mega Voyager
Mega Voyager
The Mega Voyager is created when all five of the Rangers' Mega V spacecraft combine. Its main power lies within the various attacks it makes using its hand held rocket. The Rangers got a hold of these vehicles when Andros won Zordon's keycards in an alien casino. The keycards revealed the Mega Vehicles' location, and granted them access to pilot them. The Mega Vehicles were destroyed in battle against Astronema'a forces.
Mega Voyager

Mega V1 - Robo Voyager
Mega V1 - "Robo Voyager"
Mega V3 - Rocket Voyager
Mega V3 - "Rocket Voyager"
Mega V4 - Saucer Voyager
Mega V4 - "Saucer Voyager"

Mega V5 - Tank Voyager
Mega V5 - "Tank Voyager"
Mega V2 - Shuttle Voyager
Mega V2 - "Shuttle Voyager"

Winged Mega Voyager
Winged Mega Voyager
Mega Voyager gains flight capabilities when it combines with the Mega Winger's wings. Together, they deliver a devastating flying rocket attack.