Zhane, Silver Space Ranger
Full Name: Unrevealed
Ranger Designation: Silver Space Ranger
Weapons: Super Silverizer
Gear: Digimorpher, Galactic Rover, Silver Cycle
Zords: Mega Winger

The Silver Ranger is said to be the most powerful Ranger in the universe. Zhane is an old friend of Andros' who was injured in a battle on KO-35 a few years before he was released from a cryogenic chamber which kept him alive on the Megaship. His powers were weakened upon release from his cryo-sleep, and he was recharged by being struck by lightning. Zhane is smooth and charming, and lives life to its fullest, at times being a bit of a hotshot. When Astronema was attacked by her own monster, Zhane rescued her, and the encounter led to a romance between the two. His weapon is the Super Silverizer, and he pilots the Mega Winger, as well as the Galactic Rover. His whereabouts after heading to Earth with the Space Rangers in unknown.