Andros, Red Space Ranger
Full Name: Unrevealed
Ranger Designation: Red Space Ranger
Weapons: Spiral Saber, Astro Blaster
Gear: Astro Morpher, Battlizer, Red Battlizer Armor, Red Galaxy Glider
Zords: Astro Megazord, Delta Megazord, Mega V1

Andros is the stubborn, brooding leader of the Rangers. Upon meeting them, he was unwilling to accept their help, but after a little convincing he let them join him on the Megaship as Power Rangers. Andros is from the planet KO-35, a human colonization which was evacuated. He is serious and decisive, and did not rest until he found his long lost sister Karone, who was revealed to be Astronema. He appealed to the good in her, and successfully brought her over to the side of good. His weapon is the Spiral Sabre, and he piloted Mega V1, the robot. Using the Battlizer, he could control the Delta Megazord, and summon armor and a wings.

After years of inactivity, Andros returned as the Red Space Ranger to help the Galaxy Rangers fight the Psycho Rangers.

Andros was once again called into action to help the legendary Ranger Tommy gather intelligence on the Machine Empire's plans to unearth Serpentera and destroy Earth. Using his new space ship, the Astro Megaship mark 2, he teamed up with 9 other Red Rangers and travelled to the moon to stop the Machine Empire.