Alpha 6 Alpha 6
Alpha 6 continues to assist the Rangers, travelling to outer space with them, and finding a new home in the Astro Megaship. He remained on the Megaship to assist its new crew - the Galaxy Rangers. He currently resides on Mirinoi, the "new world" found by Terra Venture.

Zordon Zordon
The original mentor of the Rangers became a captive of the evil Dark Specter. Before his powers were completely drained, Dark Specter was destroyed. Zordon was reluctantly destroyed by Andros so that his energy could destroy the combined evil forces that had been attacking the universe.

D.E.C.A. D.E.C.A.
D.E.C.A. is the Astro Megaship's computerized operating system, and controls the ship's functions, manages security, and responds to verbal commands. She went offline when the Megaship was destroyed in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

Bulk and Skull Bulk and Skull
Bulk and Skull are now assistants to Professor Phenomenus, reluctantly following his foolish plans to find aliens on Earth. When the Prof. went off in space on Terra Venture, only Bulk followed, with Skull remaining on Earth.

Profesor Phenomenus Profesor Phenomenus
This nutty professor has undertaken the mission of finding alien life on Earth. His attempts are often misguided, and end up in catastrophic and embarrassing failures. He took his research to space on board Terra Venture in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy , where he took a job at the Comet Cafe.

Ninja Turtles Ninja Turtles
The Turtles were turned evil and teleported from New York by Astronema to infiltrate the Astro Megaship and take control of it to destroy the Power Rangers. They were broken free of the spell, and helped the Rangers take on the Quantrons.

Phantom Ranger Phantom Ranger
The Phantom Ranger has once again reappeared into the adventures of the Power Rangers, this time revealing himself to be searching for Zordon on his own throughout the galaxy. In his first encounter with the new team, he gave Andros the Delta Megaship.

Justin, Blue Turbo Ranger Justin, Blue Turbo Ranger
When the Rangers were captured, Storm Blaster left and came back with Justin, reuniting him with his Turbo Morpher. Justin freed the others as the Blue Turbo Ranger, and later returned to his normal life with his dad.

Adam, Black Ranger Adam, Black Ranger
The former Black Ranger reappeared to help Carlos through a rough time. When a monster attacked a powerless Carlos, Adam risked his life by morphing without a Power Coin and holding off the monster until the rest of the team arrived.

Adele Adele
Adele runs the Surf Spot, an Angel Grove eating establishment where the Rangers hang out when they aren't on duty. Her tough love teaches customers valuable lessons in life.

Karone Karone
Karone is Andros' sister, formerly known as Astronema. She was kidnapped by Darkonda years ago on KO-35, and raised by Ecliptor to be evil. When she discovered her true heritage, she joined Andros' side. Karone later joined the Galaxy Rangers as the Pink Ranger.