Raptor Riders
One of Tommy's experiments hatches, unleashing the Raptor Riders. These dinosaurs can carry the Rangers across any terrain.
Raptor Cycles
Created by Hayley, the Raptor Cycles are lightning fast vehicles with intensive fire power.

Dino ATVs
In order to destroy the Rangers, Mesogog gives Trent the Dino ATVs to destroy them with, but the ATVs are later added to the Rangers' arsinal. The Dino ATVs are heavily armored vehicles with massive fire power.

Hovercraft Cycle
When Ethan must battle Tutenhawken in the sky, Hayley builds the Hovercraft Cycle for him to battle with. The Hovercraft Cycle is the fastest thing Hayley has ever built and is also equipped with a flight mode.
Triceramax Command Center
To invade Mesogog's Island Fortress, Hayley creates the Triceramax Command Center. It is equipped with lasers, which are designed specifically for attacking Mesogog's fortress.