This is the first of Mesogog's random mutations. He fights against the Rangers until he is destroyed by the Z-Rex Blaster, then the Thundersaurus Megazord.
"Wave Goodbye"


Polinator is sent down with Zeltrax and Elsa to face off against the Dino Rangers when they come to invade Mesogog's Island Fortress. He is destroyed by the Z-Rex Blaster, and then once more by the Thundersaurus Megazord's Cephala Power Punch.
"Back in Black"


Donkeyvac is sent to steal the youth from the citizens of Reefside for Mesogog to convert into energy. He steals the energy from famous popstar Kylee Styles, as well as Devin and Cassidy. He is destroyed by the Z-Rex Blaster and then again by the Thundersaurus Megazord.
"Diva in Distress"


Demagnetron zaps Ethan into a video game, where he must seek the help of a powerful wizard. He also sends Cassidy and Devin into the game, and the results of which sends Kira there as well. His energy accidently brings the Triptoids into the real world. He is defeated by the Z-Rex Blaster and once again by the Thundersaurus Megazord.
"Game On"


Dysotron attacks the Reefside, when he is challenged by the Thundersaurus Megazord. He uses his powers to transport the Megazord to somewhere in the arctic. The Rangers outsmart him and he is destroyed by Thundersaurus Megazord.
"Golden Boy"


Goldenrod is created accidently from Zeltrax's dna in an attempt to make himself stronger. Zeltrax sends Goldenrod to destroy Dr. Oliver, but he is unsuccessful. After he becomes stronger, he grows and takes down even the Thundersaurus Megazord. That is until the Black Ranger destroys him with the Brachio Staff.
"Golden Boy"


Scorpex is unleashed by Zeltrax after the Dimetrozord is unleashed. He is able to take on the Thundersaurus Megazord, but once Tommy tames the Dimetrozord, the Thundersaurus Megazord uses the Dimetro Saw Blade to destroy him.
"Beneath the Surface"


Megalador is a creation of a shark, a flower, and spare car parts. He is sent to kidnap Nikki Valentina, supermodel/actress of Ocean Alert. He infects Conner and Ethan with his flower blasts, causing an allergic reaction. He is destroyed by the Z-Rex Blaster. Megalador creates a wave to flood the city, but the Thundersaurus Megazord destroys him with the Stega Surfboard.
"Ocean Alert"

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